The 2022 Security Clearance Compensation Report is a critical pulse point for the state of the national security workforce. It takes a look at compensation by clearance level, industry, agency, and other critical factors. Here are three key trends to know:

1. The national security workforce generational shift is underway.

For years we’ve been talking about the graying of the national security workforce. 2021 trends show that baby boomer workers are headed out, and millennials are taking their place. The report noted a 6% decrease in baby boomer respondents, but a corresponding 6% increase in millennials.

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2. Cyber Salaries are King

In 2020, Business Sales professionals garnered the top compensation in the cleared industry. But last year, IT took on full domination, with tech roles reigning at spots one and two for highest paying cleared industries. Tech professionals also earn an average of $30,000 more than overall compensation numbers.

3. When it comes to compensation, it’s all about suits and cyber.

When you look at the top five highest-paying cleared industries, it’s clear suits and cyber are where the money is at. IT-Software professionals ($129,756) and Systems Engineers ($129,351) garnered the top spots and Management ($123,773), Data Science ($119,759), and Business Sales ($119,221) rounding out the top 5 highest paid cleared positions.

Bonus: It pays to be cleared and certified. More than 52% of respondents reported at least one industry certification, and certified workers earn approximately $13,000 more than their non-certified counterparts.


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