Recruiters tend to remember the villains they encounter…and forget about some of the wonderful heroes they come in contact with throughout their hiring journey.

Which Marvel or DC Character is Your Cleared Candidate?

Have you interviewed someone reminiscent of Black Widow? Hired a candidate with the agility of Flash? Which of these seven Marvel or DC characters is your cleared candidate?


spiderman superhero marvel

This is the type of candidate that is putting out multiple feelers, shooting out applications left and right, but sometimes where it may not make sense. Get them out of their (city) element, and they may have to rely more on their own conversation instead of the quantity of applications they can fill out.


batman marvel superhero

Too good for your blue-collar job and needs to be running the show / operation. Their resume is all glam words, though they do bring some strengths to the team…this candidate will probably laugh at your salary offer, however.

The Hulk

hulk action figure marvel

This one will fight with any piece of constructive criticism you share throughout the hiring process, argues about any answer your FSO gives on their security clearance status, and will probably write a terrible review of your company on Facebook.

Iron Man

iron man comic

Sarcastic. This type of candidate’s confidence is only matched by their technical abilities – some hate them, some love them, but every team most certainly needs an employee with this type of problem-solving capacity.

Captain America

marvel comic

Once without strong confidence or capabilities in their job, this candidate remains humble while they are now highly sought after by other cleared recruiters. The epitome of an all-American and a “super-soldier” in the DoD / IC.

Harley Quinn

harley quinn

Sweet but a psycho – you will hire them only to find out they do really well through the job interview and wreak havoc on a well-functioning office. This is a subliminally toxic candidate that you want to avoid, but don’t always see the warning signs.


blade marvel hero

The hybrid candidate with strengths in many areas. This candidate gets along with everyone but dedicates their management style to ridding teams of life sucking ‘vampires’ of the office and all who associate with them.



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