BAE Systems highlights the importance of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), hosting more than 300 of its suppliers across the company’s U.S. industrial base in a virtual conference to advocate for the future of its combat vehicle manufacturing and innovation business. This was a key opportunity for the business’s combat vehicle industrial base to discuss challenges and promote opportunities within the industry, with congressional representatives and U.S. Army and Marine Corps customers.

“The work being done by the folks that make up our defense industrial base is critical to our national security,” said Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL-3), ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee. “We must continue efforts to strengthen, enhance, and expand the industrial base.”

BAE Systems contracts about 1,000 suppliers in 45 states across its U.S. industrial base, to support combat vehicle manufacturing.

“The future of combat vehicle design and innovation must be a focal point across industry today,” said Andy Corea, BAE Systems vice president of the Combat Mission Systems business. “Bringing our best and brightest partners together for the unique opportunity to meet with our congressional stakeholders and customers is essential for a forward look at the next several years of combat vehicle manufacturing.”

Layoffs Impacting the Cleared Industry


Athenex is just one of the many biotech companies shedding employees in mass numbers lately. If you’re looking to add talent in the sciences and biology fields, now is the time to find them. Athenex didn’t give a specific number of employees heading out the door, but they did confirm that a recent refocus will have them reducing operating expenses by 50%.

So many companies are facing layoffs, that Fierce Biotech is calling this the survival of the fittest, noting that 23 companies have announced layoffs just this year. “This is just the beginning of what I see is probably a wave of likely smaller companies having to reduce workforces or figure out new ways of operating so they can stay alive,” said Eric Celidonio, former leader of talent acquisition at Moderna, in an interview.

Hiring impacting the Cleared Industry

WR Systems

WR Systems has plans to grow in Norfolk, VA. The current Norfolk campus has over 320 employees, and the expansion plans will add a few more hundred to the fold. Based in Fairfax, VA, WR Systems maintains a large and growing presence in Norfolk. The expanding company supports many clients, including DoS, NAVSEA, NAVSUP, MARMC, US Army, US Coast Guard, NATO, and NGA, as well as Fortune 500 companies, major shipyards, allied nations, and several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Cleared Employer at Work: CISA

Women have a small representation in cybersecurity, and yet they remain critical to the mission – CISA knows this and is looking to bring in people with the unique backgrounds and perspectives that represent our Nation. CISA has career pathways for people of all backgrounds, with the goal of creating a more balanced and inclusive workplace culture. Join the CISA workforce!

Opportunity to Watch

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), Lockheed Martin, and Aerojet Rocketdyne team successfully flight tested the Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept (HAWC). This historic flight reached speeds in excess of Mach 5, altitudes greater than 65,000 feet and furthers the understanding of operations in the high-speed flight regime.

“Our work with DARPA and AFRL on the HAWC program demonstrates that air-breathing hypersonic systems are a cost-effective solution to address rapidly emerging threats in the global security arena,” said John Clark, vice president and general manager Lockheed Martin Skunk Works®.

“The success of this flight test is evidence that a strong partnership between government and industry is key to solving our nation’s most difficult challenges and enabling new capabilities to counter threats to U.S. and allied forces.”

Lockheed Martin supports multiple hypersonic systems development projects and is leveraging resources, talents, and lessons learned across the corporation to positively influence outcomes. Additionally, Lockheed Martin is weaving a digital thread throughout the design, test, and manufacturing process to ensure it can produce hypersonic systems at the rates required to meet the warfighter’s need.


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