A Colorado man was arrested after creating fake COVID cards with the help of his roommate – who happened to hold a Top Secret security clearance, according to an arrest affidavit. Court documents also claimed the Top Secret clearance holder helped obtain the blank COVID card that was used to generate numerous counterfeit cards. Court documents also indicated at least 74 Venmo transactions to the Top Secret cleared co-conspirator. While charges haven’t been issued, and the name of the Top Secret clearance holder is still under wraps.

Robert Van Camp is the name currently in the news, as he is currently facing federal charges in the state of Washington for his fake COVID-card schemes. Van Camp allegedly sold the cards on Facebook, and sold cards to federal agents for prices from $120-190.

“I call them a work of art. I’ve been a printer for 30 years so this was easy for me,” Van Camp allegedly told an undercover agent.

Don’t Buy a Fake COVID Card

Vaccine requirements were a major pain point across the cleared workforce at the start of the pandemic, with many hiring managers reporting fears they wouldn’t be able to attract cleared workers back into the office with the vaccine requirements in place. Courts have thus far upheld federal vaccine mandates or  requirements by private companies to issue vaccine requirements, and as of 2021, 92% of all federal government workers were vaccinated.

Van Camp is currently the public face of what is being touted as a proud effort to allow individuals to travel, work, and resume normal life with a fake COVID card in hand. A photo released by the United States District Court for the Western State of Washington includes a list of names of individuals who have produced COVID cards, including at least one identified as ‘Dr.’

Charges related to the fake COVID cards include conspiracy to defraud the U.S. and trading in counterfeit goods. Van Camp allegedly claims what he did wasn’t wrong because he was just providing the cards.

It goes without saying, if you work for the federal government, buying a fake COVID card will come back to haunt you. It should further go without saying that if you hold a Top Secret security clearance and help your roommate sell fake COVID cards, that will also come back to haunt you.



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