Booz Allen teams use technology to keep people safe

Your mission: Create groundbreaking law enforcement and intelligence technology to help secure and protect our country.  Across the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Booz Allen plays a critical role in the development of innovative data storage, analytics, and case management capabilities. These programs and services enable federal law enforcement agencies to analyze and use data to enhance investigative and intelligence missions, including the prevention, detection, and investigation of crime, as well as the apprehension of alleged offenders.

“We’re the engine behind some of the most powerful, robust algorithms generated to prepare and accelerate our clients’ mission readiness,” says Forrest Stieg, a leader in our digital work.

Booz Allen’s partnership with these agencies spans two decades. They built one of the largest data analytics platforms for them, and as technology trends emerge, Booz Allen continues their support by leveraging subject matter experts. With recent contract wins, Booz Allen has the opportunity to help further develop their cloud platform and related technologies.

“The tech stack speaks for itself,” says Talent Acquisition Lead Roy Gifford. “It doesn’t get more cutting edge than what we’re doing.”

Working on new technology means always learning. “When someone joins us, we’re not only fostering their talents, we’re enhancing them,” adds Roy. With access to resources through their online Analytics and Systems Delivery University, and hands-on training from in-house experts, they are able to continue building technical skills to further capabilities.

But it’s not just what we do that’s meaningful–it’s who Booz Allen is helping. “I love what I do,” says Forrest. “From the prospect of unlocking the secrets that are held within systems, processes, and data sets to increasingly connect the world with information from unstructured data. Ultimately, I’m most excited to help our clients overcome their greatest challenges as they accomplish their mission. There’s nothing more inspiring and satisfying than that.”

Eager to use your intelligence expertise to keep people safe? Join us. The world can’t wait.

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