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It’s no secret that Booz Allen is one of the federal government’s top choices when it comes to technology consulting. The people at Booz Allen have such a broad range of skills and expertise, and they’re up for challenges across the board—from national security to defense missions and more.

But what’s less known is how the firm makes an impact in government agency jobs, like the role they play in streamlining law enforcement communications or modernizing processes at the VA.

Booz Allen employees in these civil service careers impact multifaceted missions that support the health and safety of the nation’s citizens. From building apps to support law enforcement investigations to helping veterans access their benefits more easily to increasing equity in healthcare, Booz Allen employees provide some of the most groundbreaking solutions.

Making a Difference at Booz Allen

To learn more about their government agency careers, three Booz Allen experts talk about the work they’re doing—and how they’re making a difference.

1. What made you choose Booz Allen?

Kiran Kagnoor, a chief technologist on their citizen services team, chose Booz Allen 19 years ago because of the growth opportunities she saw. In her time at the firm, she has served 12 government clients—each with unique missions that she’s affected.

“The firm provides a constant ability to learn and grow through resources like the Udemy online learning platform and FlexEd tuition reimbursement,” Kiran says. “There’s a wealth of resources that allow you to take your career in any direction you like.”

For Java Developer Eric Thomas, the choice to join the firm was about the work itself. Booz Allen offered the chance to take a role specializing in his areas of passion: big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics.

“I turned down another opportunity and instead chose Booz Allen because we’re a pioneer in this tech,” Eric says. “AI has so many applications for national security that we can’t afford to fall behind. Here, I have the chance to be creative in applying technical solutions. It’s like solving puzzles while protecting America.”

2. What types of projects do you currently support?

Chandra Bowers, a public health and strategy expert, leads a team working with a federal health agency that fundamentally questions the way healthcare solutions are developed. They then explore innovative methods, technologies, and strategies that speed the time to development and ultimately improve the future of human health.

“We’re developing capabilities and infrastructure that allow for rapid development of solutions for healthcare,” Chandra says. “From novel technology to full-on solutions for the biomedical space, we’re moving the needle on creating equitable access to care.”

Eric’s work is also moving the needle in his areas of focus. He currently supports an effort to aggregate law enforcement data into one place for cross-collaboration, so that investigators in different groups can more easily work together. He also plays a role in some of the more sensitive work that helps stop threat actors. Ultimately, he says he helps to “find bad guys, figure out what they’re doing, and try to stop them.”

3. What makes your work exciting?

“On my team, I can see the impact I’m making,” says Eric. “If you want to be at the cutting edge, this is the place to be. AI is the future, and I get to help advance it. I’m excited to wake up every day and do what I do. I can’t believe I get paid to do this.”

Kiran finds fulfillment in the fact that the work she does helps everyday people. “We support civilian services, so the impact we have is huge. It might affect the individual person who is trying to submit their taxes through the work we’ve done at the IRS. The biggest thing is that I know I’m helping ‘mom and pop’ individuals.”

4. What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Each expert interviewed answered this question without hesitation: “the people.”

“Many hands make light work,” Eric says. “I face challenges that don’t feel insurmountable because I have a great team around me.”

Kiran agrees. “We realize we all rise together, so that’s ingrained in our culture. There’s never a ‘no way.’ There’s always a ‘let’s figure this out.’”

Chandra notes that she receives unwavering support from her team. “Every part of my positive experience at Booz Allen is because a culture of inclusivity and support is fostered—I’ve always felt a part of a bigger team while being empowered to design my career and future, and that’s the reason I’ll stay with Booz Allen for a long, long time.”

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