Instead of branding to customers, ‘employer brand’ is a marketing strategy to meet potential new hires by showcasing the employment experience. Online, it defines an organization’s reputation as a place to work, their culture, and why employees love it there.

In recruitment, they are the buzzwords of today. It’s a tight labor market, so establishing your employer brand sets yourself apart from the competition. Headlines show what a tarnished employer brand can do… you can become a negative hashtag, an immediate zone of no applies, or create a sense of nausea for a candidate any time a recruiter reaches out about an opening.

5 employers that are crushing it at Employer branding

A positive employer brand converts those cold calls sourcers are spending time on into applications to fill your talent pool. Having a strategy to tell your story allows you to influence the narrative around your company to ensure higher talent acquisition productivity – and it can be a fun, creative way to get your employees involved and engaged. Here are five organizations that are crushing it.

1. Raft

Raft is a ‘new breed of digital consulting firm’ accelerating agile federal innovation through open source DevSecOps, data analytics, and human-centered design. As an SBA Certified 8(a) WOSB, they provide services that fall under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation arena – this is a big part of their brand within national security. Comics and memes galore, and ‘The Adventures of Ratfy’ is a comic they created that is a fun way to reach tech folk online.

2. Anduril

Anduril’s mission is to transform the United States and allied military capabilities with advanced technology. They have an incredible story that they showcase through amazing videos. The videos on their website get the point across on the fun work they do. I mean, their YouTube channel is seriously addicting. #LifeatAnduril is also a hashtag that they use to post company spotlights and that employees regularly engage on.

3. Booz Allen

Booz Allen has been in the people business of national security for more than a century. They are able to recruit and retain talent by reaching candidates through different mediums – whether it’s an article on their own site or through partners like ClearanceJobs, posting a press release on a contract win, or hosting webinars where attendees can meet the Booz Allen team. They also have a highly engaged workforce that helps to share what #LifeatBooz is like, These brand ambassadors can help to sway potential candidates in their network to join their team. Booz Allen has a reputation for working with employees to meet their own career goals and make sure their voices are heard and celebrated on their teams.

4. Defense Unicorns

As secret squirrel hunters, we totally vibe with the unicorn type. Defense Unicorns are innovators, software engineers, and veterans with decades of experience delivering technology programs across DoD and the broader federal market.  One of my favorite mediums to get people information is podcasts, and Defense Unicorns do that through their host, Rob Slaughter, Culture Executive Officer, who shares stories through this branding experience, taking listeners on a journey through open source software and other topics.

5. Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman is a name you know, and they have a reputable knack for hiring great minds. How their work and employee experience is perpetuated? Through hiring diverse people, developing content, and employees sharing on their own experience. For years, women considering careers in national security had precious few examples of other strong females who had made it to the top of the company ladder. Organizations like Northrop Grumman are leading the way with executive teams that reflect the diversity of the company itself.



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