Wanting to live and work in a foreign country, but not have to learn another language?  Perhaps the solution is a move to the UK.  Sure, there are dialects and different meanings for the same word such as chips, crisp, and biscuits.  Whether you’ve worked previously as a dibble, dick, spark, spook, squatty, or tommy, you may just be able to find work in an idyllic storybook location in England.

With fantastic cliffs and forests, castles, and historic places to visit, you will never be without something to do. Street art and flea markets abound in both English villages and in the major cities. If you should have the opportunity to go live and work in the land of Harry Potter, you might should brush up on your English and get cracking on your job search with our Department of Defense in England.

England is wildly different and wonderful at the same time. The people have a distinctly British sense of humor. Even the food is wonderful, contrary to numerous stories. In fact, many cities area now considered to be foodie meccas. With numerous destinations from the coast lines to the interior lochs of Scotland, you’ll find history everywhere.

One might think it difficult to get here, but if you are cleared and affiliated with the Air Force or you have the right skill sets, you probably can be there in time to enjoy a London Hyde Park Christmas or with Peppa Pig at Paulton’s in Hampshire.

So, study your verbs tense for words like learnt, spoilt, spelt, and spilt, and get cracking. Start by opening  up ClearanceJobs.com  on your web browser, place your skill set in the “What” box and United Kingdom in the “Desired Location” box. Currently there are over a 100 jobs available for contractors and almost as many for civil servants on  USAJOBS.gov. Let’s look at a few and their associated locations.


In England’s Midland Region, Cambridgeshire offers the enjoyment of countryside villages, with London, Cambridge, Birmingham and North Hampton just a short drive away. The 501st Combat Support Wing provides combat support to enable intelligence, communications, and global strike operations for NATO. RAF Alconbury is in the village of Great Stukeley, Cambridgeshire.  RAF Molesworth is located 14 miles west of RAF Alconbury. This is a mid-sized community with around 6,000 DoD related personnel, including family members.

Current offerings on ClearanceJobs by Booz Allen Hamilton include HUMINT Targeter, CBRN Analyst, Counterintelligence All Source Analyst, Graphic Design Specialist, EW Analyst, and Dissemination Analyst among others. A Senior Systems Administrator with Secret clearance is a current offering by General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT).

RAF Mildenhall

Just over an hour away is RAF Mildenhall. Despite its status as a Royal Air Force Base, its primary mission is to support the United States Air Force (USAF) operations. It is the home of the 100th Air Refueling Wing (100 ARW). Elements of the 352nd Special Operations Wing, Eighteenth Air Force, and Sixteenth Air Force can also be found here, so it pays to continue to watch this location as jobs continually open and close at Mildenhall.

Current openings at Mildenhall on ClearanceJobs include GDIT’s Information Security Analyst Senior and Planned Systems International offering a System Administrator position. Check back frequently and look at USAJOBS.gov for civil service positions at this large base.


Not far from Mildenhall is RAF Lakenheath. Located in Suffolk, England, this Royal Air Force base is run by the Americans under the British regulations and laws. Near this scenic area you will find breweries, beaches, castles, and one of the largest music festivals in England.

Lakenheath is mostly American Air Force personnel and is famous for hosting the 48th Fighter Wing (FW), aka Liberty Wing. The 48th FW is the only F-15 Strike Eagle wing based in Europe. ManTech is currently offering Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) III at Lakenheath.


This is where the job search gets interesting. You may not be aware, but Clearancejobs also lists positions that are for UK citizens only. So, if you are American citizen, look closely at the details before you go too far down the rabbit hole. Some UK positions require UK clearance, a few – if you have the right skills sets are open to Americans.

Currently, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Northrup Grumman UK have offerings on ClearanceJobs for Control Systems Software Engineer – Networking & Communications, Principal Integrated Logistics Support Engineer, Project Managers, Engineering Delivery Manager (Software) along with many others. Some may be just right for you. So, enjoy your job search and perhaps you soon be in jolly old England.

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