The Intel Summit is taking place at National Harbor September 15 and 16. Lewis Shepherd, VMWare Research & Innovation and AFCEA Intelligence Committee Vice Chair, chats about the summit and what attendees can expect. He also shares insight into the current federal tech landscape, commercial space technology, and why the intel summit brings together so many voices across so many sectors – from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.

“We have multiple events through the year…this is our highlight,” said Shepherd. “Phenomenal panels, great keynotes.” Shepherd emphasized the Intel Summit offers something for everyone. Co-hosted by AFCEA and the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA), the intel summit gathers together leaders across the intelligence community to discuss critical issues.

“We have multiple sessions across the two days, including many that are continuous education qualified,” said Shepherd. “It’s one thing to keep current reading in the internet about technology trends, but federal technology is a different beast.”

The Intel Summit offers the unique opportunity to not just listen to government leaders, but to interact with experts, chat with exhibitors, and meet knew colleagues. Shepherd describes it as a truly unique opportunity to rub shoulders with individuals in a variety of sectors and across a variety of employers, agencies, and branches of government.

“If you’re in a private sector role and you want to know what direction government is headed toward, that really is a big segment of the audience in this,” said Shepherd.


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