There are side hustles, and then there’s working two full-time jobs. And while hours clocked are clear when you punch a time card, things tend to get a little squishy when there’s remote work involved. In fact, many remote workers consider it fair in love and war to hold down two full-time jobs and hide it from their employers. Clearance holders don’t have this luxury, as all jobs and side hustles need to be reported – and they will show up in the system at some point. In fact, lying about your employment is a great way to lose your security clearance. But Equifax decided that they weren’t cool with this new trend of multiple jobs. According to Business Insider, the credit reporting company used their own product, called The Work Number, to figure out which one of their remote workers was doing extra work. Equifax found out that some of their remote workers were juggling not two, but three jobs. After reviewing accounts for 1,000 employees, Equifax fired two dozen employees. Representatives for the company noted that not all firings were due to the multiple jobs – there were other issues. While it may be possible to have extra jobs, it is a balancing act, and one that becomes a bit more blurry with remote work as an option. You can’t bill hours to a client that were actually never worked.



A Pennsylvania-based tech contractor is downsizing in North Carolina. Following pandemic-response hiring, state health and human services are now winding down with their need for their remote workforce. Kepro is laying off 97 employees in response to the changing needs of North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services. Layoffs will go into effect November 28.


Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman is expanding their presence in Chandler, AZ. Scott Day, Northrop Grumman’s director of communications for launch and missile defense systems says that they’re moving more than 250 employees down the street to a 50,000 square-foot space in November. Day confirmed that their current site houses close to 2,500 employees regularly, and they have another 300 open positions in the same area. He says their growth is tied closely to winning many signification contracts in the past year.

After just opening up their doors in 2019 at the Chandler location, Northrop Grumman is already adding more office space.

Cleared Employer at Work: TSA

The Transportation Security Administration’s Intelligence and Analysis team is looking for candidates to join this growing team of counterterrorism professionals. Help to ensure a safe, secure and resilient transportation infrastructure. Find the right role for you.

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Opportunity to Watch

Booz Allen has completed its acquisition of EverWatch. The transaction was previously announced back in March and experienced pushback from the DOJ. After moving through the procedures, Booz Allen brings the acquisition to a close.

EverWatch Corp. has a highly cleared workforce, with a focus on mission-critical classified programs. They also bring expertise in specialized software development, cyber, and analytics.

“EverWatch’s talented workforce, national security expertise and core technical capabilities are an exceptional strategic fit with Booz Allen’s deep mission insights and robust portfolio of full-spectrum cyber operations, mission analytics, AI, and 5G offerings. The combination will deliver tremendous value to our clients as we work together to navigate a dynamic threat landscape and transform U.S. national cyber capabilities,” said Tom Pfeifer, National Security Sector President at Booz Allen.

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