Booz Allen tackles important missions that help keep others safe

One of the best parts about working at Booz Allen is the feeling that you’re making a difference with your work. Whatever your interests, a role at Booz Allen will allow you to apply your expertise in a way that helps the greater good—whether that’s through missions like combating climate change or increasing healthcare equity.

Law enforcement careers at Booz Allen are no different. Their team members work alongside law enforcement professionals across the nation to help streamline processes and thwart threats.

A few Booz Allen team members shared what it’s like to work in law enforcement at Booz Allen. They answered some of the most frequent questions they receive. Here’s what they had to say.

1. What kind of law enforcement work does Booz Allen take on?

Principal Brittany Tsiopanas notes that Booz Allen handles a diverse range of law enforcement missions with clients across the Department of Justice. “Relying on their technical expertise, our team members work directly with law enforcement agencies to help prevent national security threats and crimes of exploitation and victimization, provide operational technology for special agents, and more,” she says.

If it involves keeping the nation safer through technology, Booz Allen is doing it.

2. Does working in law enforcement at Booz Allen require a security clearance? Does Booz Allen sponsor security clearances?

Security clearances are not always required—it depends on the specific mission and client you’re working with. Brittany explains that the firm’s law enforcement roles are dictated by project. “There’s no universal skillset we’re looking for because we have a variety of missions,” she says. “That’s the beauty of working at a bigger company—we have roles that will be a good fit based on your specific experience.”

Booz Allen has clearance options ranging from the ability to obtain a clearance to a top-secret clearance level, and they’re noted in each specific job posting. When it comes to sponsoring security clearances, “we’re happy to take a look at candidates who are looking to get into the cleared space,” Brittany adds.

3. What kinds of career experiences are applicable for a job in law enforcement at Booz Allen?

Booz Allen team members come from a variety of backgrounds—and their diverse perspectives and experiences are what make the team so strong.

“We’re sitting right next to agents when we create many of the tools we develop. Candidates with law enforcement backgrounds have the mission intimacy that makes our tools and solutions better,” Brittany says.

Similarly, candidates with technical backgrounds looking for roles that are mission-forward may find intrinsic fulfillment on Booz Allen’s law enforcement team. It offers technical opportunities combined with the feeling that you’re making a difference and genuinely helping others.

“You get to see the fruits of your labor,” says Chief Engineer Ed Hagen. “When an exploitation ring is identified or victims are rescued with the help of the analytical tools you created, knowing that you supported part of that mission—that’s what makes what you’re doing at Booz Allen stand out.”

Chief Scrum Master Amanda Rice agrees. “There are real-life implications with the projects we support,” says Amanda. “Lives are sometimes at stake—and it feels great to know I’m doing something impactful.”

4. Are there remote work options available? Where are most of your law enforcement roles located?

Most of Booz Allen’s law enforcement roles are remote or hybrid. Typically, team members are located near one of their hubs (DC Metro, Huntsville, and Chantilly). Some people work two days onsite and three days at home, and others work completely onsite.

Regarding fully remote work, Booz Allen has greatly expanded their dedicated remote team for many clients. Ed manages a team of developers who enjoy a remote work setup. “While most of this comes down to the client, many of the folks on our development teams work from home, and we’ve set up processes to keep people connected and engaged,” he says.

5. How can a candidate stand out when applying for a role at Booz Allen?

Adam Perlman, a security operations lead, argues that Booz Allen is unique when compared to other consulting firms in that they read resumes with growth in mind.

“We’re asking whether you have the basic skill—and whether you have the propensity to grow that skill. There are things you need, of course, for specific roles, but there’s also what you have the potential to grow into,” he says. “We’re not hiring for a one-off job—we’re hiring for your career. Growth is part of the Booz Allen culture.”


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