The Space Force is the newest branch of the armed forces, and the first one to be created since the Air Force was authorized in 1947. Though it’s the smallest branch of the armed forces with regards to personnel, this lean team is responsible for expanding the U.S.’s space capabilities and ensuring our national security against threats. Think you know this young, yet iconic, branch of the armed forces? Test your knowledge with our quiz!



Get to Know the U.S. Space Force

The U.S. has long been aware of the need for dominance in outer space. But as the potential for threats increased, the demand for a dedicated branch of the military became clear. The Air Force established the Air Force Space Command in 1982, but it was redesignated as the United States Space Force as a dedicated branch focused on space. The Space Force remains under the Air Force, similar to the way the Marine Corps is under the Navy.

Today, around 8,400 Guardians and civilians work in the Space Force, ensuring the rest of us never have to go a day without the technology and communications from space that we rely on.

While the U.S.’s space capabilities are arguably the best in the world, the importance of being able to defend the infrastructure and continue to maintain security in space underscores the need for the U.S. Space Force to continue to grow and expand its capabilities.

As the Space Force looks to the future, the $26.3 billion 2023 Space Force budget includes allowances for more personnel and an increasing budget for research and development. Space Force continues to grow and develop vital technology to protect our country.


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