NSA is closing out January 2023 with a major hiring surge ahead of them. It’s the biggest hiring surge in 30 years, with the Agency looking to find over 3,000 new employees. NSA wants a wide variety of skill fields, including computer science, cybersecurity, math, data science, engineering, intelligence analysis, language analysis, communications, business and accounting. They have opportunities for entry, mid, and senior level professionals.

“As NSA shifts to an era of strategic competition, it is critical that we’re able to build and sustain the diverse and expert workforce we need to continue working our missions,” said NSA Executive Director Catherine Aucella.

Layoffs: IBM

IBM has plans to cut almost 4,000 jobs. The company is spinning off one of their branches to its own company, and they’re divesting a healthcare data analytics business – factors that lead to the layoffs. IBM spokesperson, Tim Davidsons confirmed that the layoffs will impact around 3,900 employees. He said that the finances for IBM are looking okay, but the business decisions made the cuts necessary.

Hiring: Boeing

Boeing joins the hiring sprees with plans to bring in 10,000 workers this year. Boeing had a boost in hiring in 2022, as well, ending the year with 14,000 more employees than the prior year. Growing demand for the airlines will bring on the bump in manufacturing and engineering positions. Some reductions in inefficiencies (aka layoffs) might happen in the year, but on the whole, the organization is looking to ramp up their hiring efforts this year.

“Hiring is not a constraint anymore,” Boeing Chief Executive Dave Calhoun told analysts Wednesday. “People are able to hire the people they need. It’s all about the training and ultimately getting them ready to do the sophisticated work that we demand.”

Cleared Employer at Work: Deloitte

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Opportunity to Watch

DoD shared the White House decision to send 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine – enough to equip the Ukraine tank battalion.

“They need to be able to counter Russia’s evolving tactics and strategy on the battlefield in the very near term. They need to improve their ability to maneuver in open terrain. And, they need an enduring capability to deter and defend against Russian aggression over the long term,” the president said.

Rather than drawing from the stocks, the decision was made to send new equipment, given availability. The decision has the ability to open up more contracting opportunities for defense contractors – both to support the training efforts for Ukrainian military, and to develop new tanks for the U.S.

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