We’ve noted how critical employer branding is, and if you’re a staffing for a smaller organization, you may be asking “how am I supposed to budget for employer branding anyway, and especially while in a recession?”

When the economy is on shaky ground, your employer brand can be a valuable tool to ensure candidates see your company as a stable icon amidst the chaos. We’ve seen it with recent tech layoffs that the way you handle the ripple effects of a recession can be key to the way candidates AND customers view your company.

Stability is The Brand

While the national security industry was largely unaffected by a pandemic and an economic downturn that follows, it’s important to reach recently laid off tech candidates with crafted messages showcasing stability. Even in defense, it’s common that a candidate may be reluctant to job hop during times of economic uncertainty.

A recruiter’s sourcing messages should include language that:

  • Assures cleared candidates that your company is financially stable and committed to making employees their top priority.
  • Be clear and accurate surrounding your business strategy.
  • Have a streamlined approach that all recruiters are trained on – including how they might address candidates’ concerns (especially if your company works in the commercial sector and has had layoffs, but also has cleared programs).

Lastly, if you’re one of the lucky defense contractors that has fully remote roles, hybrid contracts, or are able to allow employees to flex their time within a two-week billing period, make sure that messaging is at the forefront of your sourcing strategy!

If you’re a cleared candidate looking for remote opportunities, save this search on ClearanceJobs.com. If you’re a cleared recruiter looking to kick your employer branding up a notch, check out how you can attract better candidates with an enhanced employer profile on your favorite cleared career community.



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