Different factors and qualities push people to work in the security and defense industry, but one trait links them all: a firm belief in the mission. Whether they work for a government agency or contract, the desire to protect and defend the country is their driving force. Is it yours?

If you’re passionate about national security, there’s a place for you within the cleared job sector. So, whether you’re a high school student applying to college, or returning to higher education as an adult, check out these top college majors related to national security.


Degrees related to criminal justice are interdisciplinary, meaning students take various classes in law, sociology, history, administration, statistics and analysis. The FBI, CIA, and the Customs and Border Protection agency actively recruit criminal justice majors.


No one wants to imagine the aftermath of a crisis, but thankfully, someone does. Emergency management majors are trained in ethics, law, and medical operations. They also learn risk assessment and public relations, which aid in managing the public response to an emergency.


Humans’ choices, values, and ethics are at the core of national security. Sociology majors use their expertise in human development, relationships, and interactions and apply their knowledge to national security matters.


Political science majors dive deep into the inner workings of government. These students are immersed in policy, law, and ethics and are trained in communication and debate.


National security extends to the digital world, and cyber intelligence majors learn to protect our online infrastructure secure. Students are trained in information technology, learning the latest cyber threats, trends, and mitigation efforts.

Whatever your path, our country needs dedicated people like you to keep us safe and secure. Stay up-to-date on our latest postings by visiting us online. 


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