This last year has brought new trends in layoffs. From public layoff announcements on social media to top executives taking pay cuts, companies and their workforces are changing. What was once a private affair is now quite public. It matters how companies handle layoffs. Employer brand is easily tarnished with social media and constant news cycles. So, companies that cut CEO salaries instead of layoffs can make a statement to their current and future employees. And it’s a much better statement than getting called out for layoff notices over Zoom or text.

In a different way, a new theme has popped up on social media sites, with laid off workers making statements online about their status within hours of getting their notice. Some have found that it’s a great way to tell their story and make connections quickly. It’s only a matter of time until these types of messages are quickly scrolled past, as they become more and more common. However, that doesn’t mean that tried-and-true networking methods are ancient history. Layoff messages on social media can work for some, but for others, it’s still normal to reach out to personal networks and apply for new jobs.

Layoffs: NetApp

Another cloud data management company, NetApp, announces layoff plans. The company’s announcement to cut 8% (960 people) of its workforce comes on the heels of SAP’s layoff news. Last week, SAP announced eliminating 2.5% of its workforce – or 3,000 jobs. NetApp said that “macroeconomic challenges and the reduced spending environment” are what led to the cuts. Businesses are being conservative with their IT expenses right now, which is leading to a variety of tech layoffs.

Hiring: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District is looking for engineers. This month, they’ll host a job fair, offering jobs on the spot. They’re looking for qualified civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, construction managers and geologists during the hiring event later this month. Hiring is for civil service positions, and the job fair requires prior registration.

“Engineers that are hired at the job fair will have a great opportunity to deliver engineering solutions for the nation’s important infrastructure projects in the Cumberland and Tennessee River basins,” said Philip Evans, Nashville District Engineering and Construction Division’s Civil Design Branch chief. “We are excited to meet, hire and onboard our newest engineers and teammates.”

Cleared Employer at Work: ClearanceJobs

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Opportunity to Watch

CACI signed a five-year cooperative research & development agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Technical Center (USASMDC-TC). The program will further the development of advanced payload technologies, space sensor applications, and resilient Positioning, Navigation & Timing (PNT).

Previously, CACI announced a 2023 satellite launch to test a multi-mission small satellite payload. The payload includes two software-defined technology applications that enable precise, resilient PNT and tactical signals intelligence (TacISR) capabilities while in low earth orbit (LEO). CACI’s PNT and TacISR payloads highlight the unique power of software-defined radio-based modules that can be configured for multiple missions. The USASMDC-TC expressed interest in participating in the program to evaluate these technologies for military use. The CRADA also includes technologies for laser communications, laser sensing, artificial intelligence, and secure communication technologies.

Todd Probert, CACI President of National Security and Innovative Solutions, said, “These payloads feature mission-proven, ground-based technologies that are tailored for the unique challenges of the contested space domain. They enable increased resiliency and security through low size, weight, and power (SWaP) software-defined applications. We look forward to working closely with the Army on this critical program to bolster our nation’s dominance in space.”

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