When you think of an artist or a writer, the image that comes to mind is most likely not the United States government. But our country’s security, defense and prosperity aren’t solely in the hands of STEM and criminal justice degree holders – creatives have a place too.

3 Creative Degrees Needed in National Security

So if you have a heart for the arts and a soul for national security, here are three career paths to utilize your creative degree. 

Technical Writer

The written word will always be relevant. Yes, the innovation and evolution of AI and machine learning may shift our perspective of language, but the subtleties of human inflection and connection can never be replaced. Technical writers serve a vital function in the security industry, as they use their expertise to make dense information easier to understand.

2. Senior Animator

Cleared candidates with an interest in video games and a degree in animation or design lend their talents and expertise to the US government by developing programs for the military. Training live is often costly and can potentially be dangerous; video games allow military personnel to develop their decision-making skills, preparing them for real-life scenarios.

3. Multimedia Producer

Organizations with government contracts are still businesses – and nearly every business needs content, even if it’s primarily used internally. Multimedia producers assist in content production through visual, audio, interpersonal, and written communication. They develop videos and graphics and often coordinate live events.

National Security Needs the Creatives

Our national security relies on creatives just as much as engineers. Where left-brain thinkers use their linear and analytical skills to progress the country from A to B; right-brained thinkers see life holistically, painting a picture and forming connections between points A and B, while imagining the leap to C. Cleared creatives are valuable assets to the security and defense of our country.


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