Oshkosh Defense has filed a formal bid protest with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) over the U.S. Army’s recent award decision with respect to the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) Follow-On Contract. The independent GAO review of the procurement decision was initiated by Oshkosh on March 6.

“After participating in the government’s post-award debriefing process, we have significant concerns regarding the evaluation of the proposals under the solicitation that support an independent review,” said Tim Bleck, executive vice president Oshkosh Corporation and president Oshkosh Defense.

“We believe the Government’s evaluation did not properly review the financial, technical, and manufacturing capabilities offered to select the best value and lowest risk solution to deliver the JLTV.”

Oshkosh is the incumbent manufacturer and original designer of the JLTV platform.

Layoffs: META

Talk of another round of layoffs for Meta are in the works again, following their cuts in the fall 2022. Despite cutting 11,000 back in November, Meta continues to try to meet financial objectives with more layoff chatter. News of buyout incentives to simplify the organizational structure, as well as, over all cuts, could impact thousands of Meta employees.

Hiring: Consolidated Nuclear Security (CNS)

Consolidated Nuclear Security (CNS) is looking for IT and cybersecurity experts to support their work with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). CNS posted their hiring needs on the federal government site, SAM, with contracts for remote employees. The contract has a period of performance for one year, with four option years available. Both the Pantex Plant in Amarillo, TX and the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge, TN have faced a deficit of qualified talent.

While CNS retained their NNSA contract, despite a rebid in 2021, they’re committed to filling their IT and cybersecurity talent gaps.

Cleared Employer at Work: CISA

As technology advances, the need for mission-driven, innovative, and diverse professionals grows significantly. CISA strives to ensure that the workforce is drawn from the broadest segments of society so that it is poised to meet the present and future needs of our nation. Join CISA and Support the Mission!
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Opportunity to Watch

Boeing and Shield AI have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore strategic collaboration in the areas of autonomous capabilities and artificial intelligence on current and future defense programs. The agreement, signed at the Air Force Association Warfare Symposium, will be managed by Boeing Phantom Works.

“Boeing continues to leverage talent from across the enterprise to make great strides in autonomous capabilities and programs in recent years,” said Steve Nordlund, vice president and general manager for Boeing’s Air Dominance organization. “Collaborating with Shield AI, the leader in AI pilots, will accelerate our ability to deliver these capabilities to the warfighter.”

Shield AI created Hivemind, an artificial intelligence pilot that has flown a variety of aircraft. According to Shield AI, the AI pilot can also enable swarms of drones and aircraft to operate autonomously without GPS, communications or a human pilot in the cockpit.

“AI pilots are the most strategic deterrent technology since the introduction of stealth aircraft and have proven successful in flying air-combat scenarios” said Brandon Tseng, president and co-founder of Shield AI and a former Navy SEAL. “Integrating Boeing aircraft with our AI pilot would redefine what large aircraft, crewed or uncrewed, could do. As the world leader in aerospace technology, Boeing has been exceptionally easy to engage with, so we are excited to expand our scope of work to co-develop, productize and bring to market the world’s best AI pilot for large aircraft.”

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