In a press conference this week, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh said that the DoD is actively addressing the incident involving the unauthorized disclosure of classified documents. Singh said that they are taking this breach seriously where classified documents containing national defense information were removed, retained, and transmitted.

Ronald S. Moultrie, undersecretary of defense for intelligence and security, in coordination with John Sherman, chief information officer, and Michael B. Donley, the director of administration and management, will be leading a comprehensive review of DoD security, programs, policies and procedures. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III will have initial findings and recommendations for policy and procedure improvement within 45 days. Singh reminded everyone about accessing the media, saying, “We’d encourage you to be mindful of how you are reporting and repurposing these images due to the classified nature of this information and the potential impact on national security, as well as the safety and security of our personnel, and those of our allies and partners.”

Singh also noted that while there’s a small U.S. military contingent in Ukraine, it is only to provide mission critical support to the U.S. embassy. This has already been publicly acknowledged. She said, “To be clear, there are no U.S. combat troops conducting combat operations in Ukraine.”