Cleared candidates have a lot to offer the world – and the world has a lot to offer for them. If you’re a cleared candidate in the market for your next job, there’s a lot to consider. Beyond the obvious factors like your pay and benefits, being open to a new job could also mean being open to moving to a new region of the country.

Which area of the country should you consider moving to for your next cleared job?


Where you work is also where you play..

Certain fields are in high demand in specific areas of the country. If you’re a specialist looking to maximize your income and climb that corporate ladder, moving into one of these areas could provide you with lots of room for growth.

On the other hand, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important for your health, and that impacts your career just as much as it does your personal life. Certain areas of the country could offer you more opportunities for maintaining balance as you pursue your interests, whether you dream of spending your weekends exploring outdoors, browsing museums, or exploring the city.

…and where you live

Your family is a factor, too. Families with young children might be more concerned about finding areas known for better schools or a lower cost of living. But for those who don’t have kids, or do but they’re grown and gone, other areas of the country could be more appealing.

Your career search is about a lot more than just finding a job. Finding work with a great employer who will give you opportunities to grow and living in an area that suits your interests and your family situation are important, too.


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