Solidus Technical Solutions is hiring engineers to join its diverse team. The majority of opportunities are located in Lexington, Ma., but current openings include a data scientist in Washington, D.C. and a software engineering position in Omaha, Neb.

The weather may be cooler in the Northeast, but the job market in Massachusetts is heating up. If you’re interested in a cleared job and willing to relocate, put Lexington, Ma. on your list. Here are four reasons to consider a relocation to MA.

1. Hello, History.

Does Lexington already ring a bell? It should, if you paid attention in history class – it’s well-known as the site of the first shot of the American Revolutionary War. Lexington, outside of Boston, is rich in history and culture. And a real benefit of life in the Northeast is having so many historical sites a short drive or train ride away. Boston, Philadelphia D.C. and New York City are all an easy drive or plane ride from Lexington.

2. It’s a technical superstar.

Lexington is known for a having a highly educated workforce, with strengths in advanced research and innovation. In addition to defense industry work, Lexington is a biomedical and pharmaceutical hub. Diverse job opportunities are good news for the local economy. The region boasts an unemployment rate of just 3.2 percent, more than two percentage points lower than the national unemployment rate.

3. Great Schools, Great quality of life.

Lexington is known for offering a great quality of life. Known as the family-friendly version of Boston, Lexington is know for great public schools. Sterling’s BestPlaces also rated it one of the safest cities for families with young children. Both total crime and violent crime are very low. The one downside to this great quality of life? The cost-of-living is higher-than-average. Home prices are high, but don’t let that scare you – salaries are also higher than average to reflect the higher costs. If you’re relocating to the region, consider renting for a year before buying a home. Yes, rental prices can be high, but it will give you a year to sock away that higher salary toward a down payment, and help ensure you’re truly in love with your new Northeast home.

4. Companies are hiring.

Solidus Technical Solutions currently has more than fifty openings in Lexington. Opportunities are diverse, ranging from positions as a Network Engineer to an Unmanned Aircraft Systems Engineer.  Solidus Technical Solutions prides itself on the diversity of its team of engineers and its culture of respect. It touts its technical expertise, but it also believes in work-life balance. Company celebrations and events bring together employees, family and friends. Its just one of the ways the experts at Solidus Technical Solutions put enjoying what they do into practice.

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