It’s not hard to understand why people choose to live in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, or Arizona, the states making up the Southwest of the US. Not only does it offer some of the country’s most breathtaking views, but its climate is the envy of other regions. The summers are hot, winters are mild, and sunshine is abundant.

How to Know if the Southwest is Home to Your Next Cleared Job

Cleared workers in the region don’t have to look far for opportunities, as military bases, defense contractors, government agencies, and research institutions make the southwest region a hub for cleared jobs. So if you want to level up your career in the southwest, here are a few things to consider.

1. Cleared Job Opportunities

With its wide open spaces and temperate climate, the southwest region is known for its research institutions and laboratories involved in defense-related research. Cleared workers are needed in the fields of aerospace engineering, robotics, and advanced technologies.

2. Employers Located in the Southwest

Along with the region’s numerous military bases and federal agencies’ field offices, the southwest is home to a growing number of private contractors. Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman are among the many companies supporting the country’s security and defense.

3. Southwest Cleared Jobs Salaries

The 2023 average salary for cleared workers in the southwest region is just under six figures. On the low end, cleared workers in Oklahoma make $91,460 annually, while those in New Mexico earn $103,895. While salaries trend slightly lower than in other regions, the southwest offers a lower cost of living.

Why the southwest region is right for cleared workers

The southwest allows cleared workers to earn a good living in an environment filled with natural beauty and near-perfect weather. For the latest cleared job openings, visit our site.

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