ManTech International Corporation has finalized an agreement to acquire Definitive Logic, a key player in digital transformation consulting and technology solutions for defense, homeland security, and federal agencies. With over 20 years of experience, Definitive Logic is renowned for its innovative mission-driven approach, offering tailored technology solutions in financial management, human capital, logistics, and more. This acquisition will bring over 330 skilled employees to ManTech, boosting capabilities in cloud, cyber, DevSecOps, data engineering, and AI/ML, while expanding technology partnerships. The deal aligns with ManTech’s strategy of addressing security challenges through digital innovation. The acquisition is expected to close by early fall, subject to standard conditions and approvals.

Contract Opportunities to Watch: RTX

RTX’s BBN division has been awarded a contract by DARPA to support the “In The Moment” (ITM) program, which aims to develop AI algorithms for autonomous decision-making in complex scenarios like disaster relief. The project seeks to create AI systems that can make independent decisions in uncontrolled environments. The consortium, led by Raytheon BBN and including Kairos Research, MacroCognition, and Valkyries Austere Medical Solutions, will use cognitive interviewing to understand how experts evaluate information and make crucial decisions. The goal is to design AI systems that adapt to individual users and their decision-making attributes. DARPA’s ITM program involves multiple teams working on prototype AI decision-makers aligned with human attributes, with a focus on evaluating trust in AI agents.

“To accomplish this, we need to determine how human experts make really difficult decisions and assess whether to trust the decisions of others,” explained Alice Leung, principal investigator at Raytheon BBN. “We’ll be conducting both decision-making research and trust research… We want to be able to tune an AI’s attributes such as risk tolerance, process focus, or willingness to change plans to better match a user or a group of users.”

The contract is co-sponsored by DARPA and the Air Force Research Lab and covers locations in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Alabama.

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Cleared Opportunities

DARPA and the White House have introduced the “AI Cyber Challenge” (AIxCC), a two-year competition harnessing artificial intelligence to bolster critical software protection and forge new cybersecurity tools. Software’s expanding role in daily life creates vulnerabilities, making innovative defenses crucial. The challenge involves partnerships with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Anthropic. With a total of $20 million in prizes, AIxCC will commence with an open competition, advancing up to 20 teams to the semifinals in August 2024 and ultimately awarding winners in August 2025. This initiative aligns with wider Pentagon and White House efforts to enhance national security through responsible AI application.

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