The dynamic expansion of U.S. Cyber Command (CYBERCOM) over the past 12 years, coupled with the elevation of the Cyber National Mission Force to a sub-unified command, has heightened the demand for specialized talent within both entities. With a concerted focus on assembling a distinctive ensemble of highly skilled military personnel, government employees, and contractors, CYBERCOM is strategically building its human resources. This approach is underscored by initiatives like the Palace Acquire (PAQ) program, which initiated in 2018 and infuses young collegiate talent into Air Force and Joint military formations, nurturing a pipeline of information technology and cyber expertise.

Beyond college internships, CYBERCOM’s talent cultivation extends to a highly sought-after Student Volunteer Program (SVP) for law students, affording them the opportunity to immerse themselves in cutting-edge legal advice and research. This experience encompasses international law, domestic law, U.S. policy applicable to military cyber operations, as well as support for partnership activities, congressional relations, and administrative law matters.

CYBERCOM’s efforts extend to high school students through their High School Work Study Program. This initiative provides hands-on experience in the cyberspace domain environment. The command also contributes to the development of military service academy interns and collaborates with other partners to engage high school juniors, seniors, and undergraduate students. These programs not only harness diverse talent but also underscore CYBERCOM’s commitment to shaping the future of cybersecurity through robust and multidimensional talent development initiatives.

Layoffs: Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies has officially acknowledged that it has undertaken workforce reductions within the company. While specific details about the extent of the job cuts were not disclosed, a representative from Dell Technologies affirmed that certain members of the sales team will be departing from the organization. The decision, made to maintain competitiveness and enhance the delivery of innovation, value, and service to customers and partners, reflects the company’s strategic evaluation of its business landscape. Dell Technologies expressed its commitment to assisting those affected during their transition to new opportunities as part of this restructuring effort.

Hiring: York Space Systems

Denver-based aerospace company York Space Systems has completed the construction of its fourth production facility, signaling a major expansion in its manufacturing capacity for space mission solutions. With a $20 million investment, this state-of-the-art facility, named “Potomac,” doubles York’s existing production capacity, enabling the production and testing of over 1,000 spacecraft annually, including S-CLASS and LX-CLASS satellites. The expansion aligns with growing commercial and government demand, exemplified by York’s commitment to meeting customer timelines and delivering high-quality solutions. The move also reflects the company’s investment in the local economy and job creation, reinforcing its role as a key player in advancing the US aerospace technology base and supply chains. York’s expansion further strengthens its position to support both current and future customer requirements, positioning the company as a major contributor to the flourishing space economy.

Cleared Employer at Work: Boeing

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Opportunity to Watch

From August 11 to September 30, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness is organizing the inaugural Talent Management: From the Ground Up Innovation Challenge. This initiative aims to tap into the diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and capabilities within the total force of the Department of Defense (DoD) by soliciting innovative ideas for enhancing talent management. The challenge invites military and civilian DoD employees from all levels to submit impactful proposals that address recruitment, retention, and advancement of a diverse workforce. This platform provides Service members and civilians an opportunity to share their inventive solutions and contribute to an improved workplace environment.

“To remain the best fighting force in the world and effectively compete in today’s job marketplace, we must innovate the way we recruit, retain, and develop top talent,” said Gilbert Cisneros, Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. “We are working hard to solve today’s talent management challenges, and this challenge reinforces the need to tap into the full range of strengths and capabilities of all our employees. By harnessing the tremendous talent and experiences of our military Service members and civilian colleagues, we can bring forth new, innovative, and effective ideas tailored to our personnel.”

Participants are encouraged to submit ideas in one of three categories: Recruiting and Accessions, Promotion and Retention, or Wild Card. All ideas will be assessed for broad applicability across the Department and for potential positive impact.  Finalists will pitch their idea to a panel of DoD senior leaders for consideration of adoption across the Department.

The Talent Management Innovation Challenge is open to all active, guard, and reserve Service members and DoD civilian employees.

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