BAE Systems rolls onto the international stage with its Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) at DSEI 2023, offering a glimpse of the future for the U.S. Army and enticing U.S. allies and NATO partners. With its focus on power, mobility, interoperability, and survivability, the AMPV family of vehicles stands ready for modern battlefields, equipped to evolve alongside technology and shifting landscapes. Bill Sheehy, AMPV director for BAE Systems, underlines the AMPV’s adaptability, heralding it as the cornerstone of combat vehicle modernization, empowering warfighters to conquer the most challenging missions.

Layoffs: Malwarebytes

Cybersecurity heavyweight Malwarebytes undergoes a major restructuring, with approximately 100 to 110 employees laid off as the company splits into two distinct business units: one catering to consumers, focusing on identity protection and VPN, and the other dedicated to enterprise-facing software, including managed and endpoint detection. Despite these strategic changes and recent layoffs in the cybersecurity sector, Malwarebytes remains profitable, emphasizing its commitment to a sustainable business model amid industry transformations.

Hiring: Booz Allen

Booz Allen’s expansion in Norfolk is rapidly gaining momentum. Already, two senior company leaders have made the move to the area, and an impressive 60 local positions have been successfully filled. With the establishment of a business services delivery hub team, the company taps into Hampton Roads’ rich workforce and proximity to the military community, fostering job growth and veterans’ employment. This expansion not only bolsters the local job market but also signals Norfolk’s potential to attract more businesses, thanks to its business-friendly ecosystem and strong workforce resources.

Cleared Employer at Work: CISA

CISA is actively seeking entry-level talent to join its mission in protecting our nation’s critical and physical infrastructure. Here at CISA, we know that protecting our nation requires a top-tier team. That’s why we offer career opportunities for students/recent graduates and entry-level to gain hands-on experience!  We believe that our strength lies in the diverse backgrounds, education, perspectives, and experiences of our employees. Explore Cybersecurity Career Development Tools and Resources

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Opportunity to Watch

Parry Labs, LLC and EpiSci have joined forces in a strategic alliance aimed at bolstering the Department of Defense’s (DoD) autonomous uncrewed and wingman aircraft initiatives. Through Parry Labs’ cutting-edge edge cloud technology stack and EpiSci’s trusted tactical autonomy solutions, this partnership promises to deliver a formidable combat edge for the Air Force. Unlike traditional vertically integrated AI and autonomy systems, their approach offers increased scalability and flexibility, enabling autonomy software deployment across various platforms and missions with greater efficiency. Demonstrating their commitment, both companies will showcase their autonomy capabilities at the Air and Space Forces Association (AFA) Air Space Cyber 2023 conference, marking a pivotal step in advancing tactical autonomy at the edge.

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