Lumen is a leading technology and communications company, providing solutions to government problems. Lumen leverages their massive network and expertise to support the mission of the U.S. federal government.

Why Lumen?

Senior Manager of Federal Programs, Charlene Sloan, and the Lumen team play a crucial role in working to protect U.S. national security. “And that gives you a feeling of purpose, of pride, of patriotism,” Sloan said.

“In the government space, Lumen really helps the customer by leveraging the assets, the very large network that we have, and using the individual expertise in the field to broker solutions for the customer as far as connectivity and leveraging the edge technology that they’re able to reach,” Acie Abner, Senior Manager of Federal Programs explained.


While Lumen is known for its network, the company provides a lot of niche capabilities. Ultimately, Lumen is responsible for keeping its customers’ data secure. Lumen’s purpose, as Senior Director of Base/Program Management, Tom Sewolt, explained, is furthering human progress through technology. Lumen’s mission is to digitally connect people, data, and applications – quickly, securely, and effortlessly. “And that starts with our employees,” Sewolt said.

“It’s like the digital connective tissue between people, data, and applications,” Senior Director of Intel and Special Programs, Justin Walker, stated. “It gives a spotlight on a single objective that every single person within the company can follow. And sometimes that is going to shift. We are going to iterate against it, but at the end of the day, it is a people business and a primary component of that North Star is people. It’s not just our customers, it’s especially our employees.”


Lumen’s North Star gives it a clarity of focus that sets the company apart. Over the past year it has set its company compass toward a set of common objectives, aligning people, processes, and values to support that central mission. Abner explained, “All of us working together makes it a really comfortable place to come and give your all for the government’s customers.”


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