The Partnership for Public Service has unveiled the Federal Internship Finder, a tool that consolidates federal government internship opportunities. This initiative aims to streamline the search for future public servants, making it more efficient and accessible. Max Stier, President, and CEO of the Partnership for Public Service, emphasized the importance of building a diverse and talented federal workforce to enhance government and democracy.

Currently, only 7% of permanent federal employees are under 30, while 31% of government employees are eligible to retire by 2025. The Federal Internship Finder responds to this challenge, offering a comprehensive index of professional opportunities for students and recent graduates interested in public service. This tool not only simplifies the application process but also helps individuals discover previously unknown opportunities within the federal government.

Contract Opportunities to Watch: True Anomaly

True Anomaly, Inc. has secured a $17.4 million Phase III Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract from the U.S. Space Force Space Systems Command. The contract focuses on advancing Space Domain Awareness (SDA) through True Anomaly’s Mosaic™ software, enabling efficient human-machine teaming and data delivery to support national security missions. True Anomaly’s CEO, Even Rogers, emphasized the increasing complexity of space awareness and the need for scalable automation to keep pace with the rapidly evolving domain, addressing a critical gap in SDA operations. This Phase III contract follows an impressive four-month completion of an initial 21-month scope of work under an accelerated Direct to Phase II contract.

Key Employer in the Cleared Industry: BOeing

Veterans make up nearly 15% of our U.S. workforce and we know the transition to civilian life provides an opportunity to upskill and grow. Join us and work with advanced aerospace and defense technologies that help keep the world safe and bring our heroes home. Explore our opportunities.

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Cleared Opportunities

Radiance Technologies is collaborating with the U.S. Army Partnership for Your Success (PaYS) Program, helping Army Veterans make a seamless transition into employment with the company. As the first Alabama-based company to partner with the Alabama Army National Guard through the PaYS program, Radiance sees the importance of supporting veterans in their career journeys. With a quarter of its employee-owners having military backgrounds, Radiance CEO Bill Bailey expressed enthusiasm for this partnership, highlighting the company’s commitment to providing veterans with exceptional career opportunities. The collaboration was commemorated with a signing ceremony on September 15, symbolizing Radiance’s dedication to aiding Army Veterans in their transition to civilian employment.

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