Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, and the job search process isn’t immune from a big dose of AI tools and solutions. From better job descriptions to an easier application process (it could happen!), AI can definitely be leveraged across the job search – but should interviews be one of them?

A coworker shared a TikTok video over the weekend where a ‘career influencer’ was warning of a campaign targeting career TikTok and looking to gather video information to facilitate a virtual job application process. The influencer warned that research led back to a company based in Dubai, and she cautioned against individuals sharing personal information or career information with an international entity.

Regardless of whether the TikTok data mining is a reality (and we already know the TikTok app itself is mining your data), the bigger warning is – be careful who you’re sharing career information with, even companies or job applications that seem legitimate.

TikTok has had huge issues with fake job applications or opportunities, with many accusations against human traffickers using the site to mine for victims. Whether you have a security clearance or not, you need to be incredibly careful about any job you apply to online, and make sure it’s actually legitimate.

One of the key ways I vet any employer saying they work in the national security space is to check and see if they have a ClearanceJobs profile. No, this is not shameless self promotion, but unlike virtually every other career platform out there, ClearanceJobs vets every employer who uses our site. If you find a job listed on, you can count on that company being U.S.-based with a cage code or need for cleared talent. Outside of ClearanceJobs, I always try to verify up and coming companies to see if they have a current contract with the U.S. government or someone I know working in their leadership – if those rules don’t apply, I proceed with heavy caution – and would never agree to share any information.

Can a Robot Do My Job Interview?

Now that we’ve gotten the national security warnings out of the way, the next question is – can I really let a robot do my job interview? Recruiters are already taking advantage of this form of automation in the interview process, with many tools offering the opportunity to create pre-fab video interview questions – the idea is with a literally identical job interview format, you’ll be able to eliminate bias caused by the fact that humans are….humans. The question is, if the recruiter can do it – why not the candidate?

I think we already see AI being an aid to applicants in the job search process. Maybe we’re not quite ready to have a virtual persona do the interview for you, but down the road, this kind of technology could be used and could be a key part of eliminating bias around an interview process. But it’s important to remember that honesty is a critical element of any national security work. If you plan on using a video persona, be prepared to be honest about it. If you’re able to deep fake yourself – or find a technology to do it – and use it in your video interview process, you may just be the cutting edge technologist the government needs to do the job. Or, you may be a Chinese spy. Being up front about the technological enablement that allows you to succeed will be a key driver in helping the government distinguish which one.

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