DARPA is looking for academic trailblazers. Their Young Faculty Award (YFA) program is back, and DARPA wants researchers to dive into cutting-edge projects. With nearly two dozen fresh technical topics on the table, this is a great opportunity for rising academics and non-profit research wizards. Established in 2006, the YFA program is a ticket to the forefront of defense innovation.

“We’re eager to receive innovative research ideas to help solve a broad array of technical challenges related to national security,” said Dr. Rohith Chandrasekar, from DARPA’s Defense Sciences office who oversees the YFA program. “The 2024 YFA research areas are extremely diverse, spanning topics across all six DARPA technical offices, covering topics dealing with microphysiological systems, artificial intelligence, large language models, power generation, energetics development, underwater propulsion, space tech, quantum information science, and electromagnetic interference, to name just a few. In addition, the 2024 YFA announcement includes an open topic that spans DSO’s six technical thrust areas. We encourage early-career researchers to review all the topics and provide us an executive summary for feedback before submitting a full proposal. While an executive summary is not required to submit a proposal, we strongly recommend it to minimize the time, effort, and expense of submitting a full proposal that may be out of scope.”

If you’re an early-career researcher in academia or a nonprofit powerhouse, DARPA wants you. Check out the 2024 YFA Research Announcement at SAM.gov or Grants.gov for eligibility details, topic areas, and submission deadlines. Join the ranks of those committed to advancing national security.

Contract Opportunities to Watch: Lumen

Tech infrastructure giant Lumen Technologies has clinched a significant victory, winning a $110 million contract from the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). The deal positions Lumen to operate and maintain DISA’s fiber backbone, encompassing critical elements like colocation facilities, dark fiber, and end-to-end network infrastructure. The contract extension is effective from November 30 through September 30, 2028.  Lumen will continue to supporting DISA’s mission with cutting-edge technology, resilience, and round-the-clock services. Jason Schulman, Lumen’s National Vice President of Federal Sales, emphasized the network’s strength, diversity, and resiliency, highlighting its crucial role in connecting and safeguarding the men and women defending the nation.

Key Employer in the Cleared Industry: CISA

Thank you for your serviceWe appreciate your commitment to country, value your integrity and innovation, and are proud to offer veterans preference in our hiring process. 40% of CISA employees have spent time serving in the Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army, or Space Force. Those who have served our nation have the character, expertise, and leadership skills we seek. CISA is committed to providing employment opportunities for qualified, eligible veterans. Join us and continue to serve and protect our great nation.

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Cleared Opportunities

Graham Corporation, a leading force in critical fluid, power, heat transfer, and vacuum technologies, has successfully acquired P3 Technologies, LLC, a custom turbomachinery engineering and manufacturing enterprise focused on space, new energy, and medical sectors. P3, headquartered in Jupiter, FL, has a reputation for cutting-edge rotating machinery, including high-speed rotors and cryogenic pumps. The strategic acquisition aligns with Graham’s growth strategy, enhancing their turbomachinery solutions.

P3 brings proprietary technology, such as the Multi-Channel Diffuser (MCD) and Self-Contained Actuating Magnetic Pump (SCAMP), offering a platform applicable to diverse industries. With P3’s strong intellectual property portfolio and annual revenue projected at $6.0 million in fiscal 2023, Graham Corporation anticipates a synergy that will contribute to their fiscal 2027 goal of low- to mid-teen adjusted EBITDA margins.

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