A global pandemic redistributed work in many ways, including in the cleared recruiting and hiring environment. Recruiting was one of many functions many companies realized could easily convert into a fully remote environment, opening up opportunities for recruiters to work in dispersed locations, and opening up opportunities for companies to outsource some of their recruiting functions. Outsourcing aspects of the recruiting process, and specifically sourcing, is nothing new – but what does it mean when those functions are recruited outside of the country?

If you’re a cleared company, it’s critical to follow the rules and requirements of the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual. Outsourcing is a key party of supply chain vulnerabilities and that applies to third party contractors, not just items being procured. Companies should work with their security and legal teams to ensure any outsourced functions comply with any legal or contractual obligations.

For cleared candidates, it’s worth due diligence in ensuring an individual who reaches out and claims to be sourcing for a contract is legitimate – verifying through a third party platform like ClearanceJobs is one method. Recruiters and sourcers in the cleared space are no stranger to the skeptical candidate, and should be willing to help a candidate verify their affiliation or pertinent details. Whether a recruiter is cleared or not, based in the U.S. or not,  candidates should not provide cleared information in the course of a job interview.


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