The National Security Agency set a goal of hiring 3,000 new employees in 2023. As the year winds down, the agency anticipates another aggressive hiring goal of around 3,000 for 2024. The NSA continues to adapt to today’s landscape of strategic competition, technological advancement and evolving threats. But to achieve its goals, the agency must strengthen its workforce. If you’re ready to join the NSA’s mission, here are a few things you need to know. 


The NSA has focused heavily on improving the hiring process in recent years and has adopted a multi-faceted approach ensuring quantity doesn’t supersede the quality of candidates. The agency has successfully slashed 100 days from the average time-to-hire and completely revamped the onboarding process.  


With each year that passes, millennials and Gen Z are increasingly dominating the workforce. NSA Director Army Gen. Paul M. Nakasone recently said in a statement that the agency is focused on attracting a “future-ready workforce.” Focusing on work-life balance demands and making it easier for career mobility between the government and private sector are two main components of that approach. 


In 2023, AI went mainstream. In response, the NSA unveiled the Artificial Intelligence Security Center, a key part of the NSA’s cybersecurity mission. The Center works with industry partners, academia, the IC and other government entities.  

As the NSA continues to evolve in response to national security demands, its recruitment strategies and ability to cutdown on wait times, serves as a model for federal hiring. The agency’s focus on AI opens the door to a slew of possibilities for candidates to get in on the ground floor of this transformative technology.  

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