In a gathering of over 250 intelligence, defense, homeland, and national security professionals, the 14th Charlie Allen Achievement Awards on February 15 will honor outstanding early and mid-career individuals. The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) event, hosted at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA, features a welcome reception, keynote remarks by Tonya Wilkerson (Deputy Director, NGA), and an award ceremony recognizing professionals like Faye Cuevas, Jason Payne, Nathaniel Bundy, Julia Buffinton, Jennifer Finley, LCDR Iris Kaku, and Amanda Nashed for their contributions to national security.

Layoffs: Boeing

Boeing confirms the furlough of 80 union employees at its Ridley plant in December, marking the second layoff this year, with additional layoffs expected in 2024. The company attributes the decision to schedule changes and ongoing adjustments to meet order demand, emphasizing the normal lifecycle of programs. The United Auto Workers Local 1069, representing the affected employees, is actively engaging with Boeing through a bargaining committee to mitigate the impact of surpluses or downgrades. Boeing spokesperson reassures that the V-22 Osprey program’s future is secure, with production lines adjusted to accommodate future orders. Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon is working to reduce job losses and secure additional funds for the Chinook program, emphasizing ongoing efforts to support workers at the Ridley Park facility.

Hiring: BAE

Nashua, NH, anticipates a transformative impact as BAE Systems secures the first CHIPS Act grant of $35 million for its semiconductor plant, aiming to quadruple output and modernize its microelectronics center. The influx will address underemployment, fueling workforce upskilling programs to meet the demands of high-tech industries. Despite chip manufacturing’s automation, the grant will trigger incremental job growth, aligning with the city’s history of technological employment. Municipal leaders plan training courses to fill the skills gap, exemplifying the broader national push for semiconductor reshoring and skilled labor development spurred by the CHIPS Act.

Cleared Employer at Work: Booz Allen

Booz Allen, we deliver tomorrow’s technologies at the heart of each defense mission. Work with us as we accelerate defense solutions for the warfighter. Accelerate the future. Defend with us.

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Opportunity to Watch

Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) secures a $156 million contract to provide system support to the U.S. Army Reserve Command through the United States Army Reserve Command Information Technology Support Services (USARC ITSS II) contract. SAIC, with its partners, will focus on delivering cost-effective and innovative managed information technology services, enhancing operational efficiencies and supporting USARC’s program modernization. The contract aims to consolidate enterprise IT services globally, providing standardized, responsive solutions for over 65,000 users across 700 locations, with a focus on mission value, user experience, and cybersecurity improvements.

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