The Super Bowl was one for the record books, and not just because of the Chiefs’ win in overtime. The game brought in new records in online betting – what does that have to do with your security clearance?

Sports betting has been on the rise over the past several years, thanks to COVID-19 giving folks more time on their hands (and on their phones), along with the rise of websites like DraftKings making sports betting easier than ever. If your betting is legal you probably don’t need to worry about it coming up, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

If your sports betting gets out of hand, that could be an issue. Significant debt caused by a gambling habit or even betting that you can afford – but that your significant other doesn’t know about or you’re trying to hide, could both be issues. Gambling can also be an issue if you make a windfall – but fail to report that income to Uncle Sam as taxable income.

If gambling turns from a hobby to an addiction, getting proactive help is your best bet. Proactive help and looking to address an issue is always the best step to maintain your clearance eligibility. Even significant gambling debts or severe problems can be overcome if you commit to a treatment plan, seek help, and start addressing the issue. As always, trying to hide a problem will create more of one down the road.

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