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With job security wavering and burnout on the rise, Gen Z and millennial workers are eyeing an unexpected career shift: toward the government. The allure of stability, generous benefits, and loan forgiveness programs is drawing attention, as disillusionment with private sector uncertainty grows.

According to Handshake, the site geared towards college students, applications to government positions are on a surge. And TikTok has been buzzing with testimonials about working in the public sector. Federal government jobs are emerging as a promising sanctuary for those seeking respite from the turbulence of modern work culture.

Layoffs: ZIN Technologies

Despite its groundbreaking work with NASA and the International Space Station, ZIN Technologies faces the difficult decision to lay off 122 workers this year. The announcement follows the company’s acquisition by another space company. During this period, the firm, headquartered in Middleburg Heights, OH, will make the transition and necessary adjustments. Layoffs are set to occur in waves from late March to September.

Hiring: Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman’s Arizona expansion at Gilbert Spectrum marks a significant step forward, reflecting the company’s robust growth trajectory amidst its thriving engineering and supply chain operations. With a substantial increase in hiring and an expanding real estate footprint, the VA-based defense contractor’s strategic investments underscore its commitment to innovation and bolstering its presence in the East Valley. As construction progresses, the development promises to accommodate diverse tenants, signaling broader economic vitality in the region. The expansion began last summer and promises to add more space in Arizona. According to Phoenix Business Journal, Northrop Grumman currently employs 4,200 in Arizona.

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Opportunity to Watch

Pratt & Whitney’s Eagle Services Asia is adding a 48,000 square-foot expansion in Singapore, gearing up to boost its GTF capacity by two-thirds this year. This strategic move enhances their industrial capabilities and supporting customers worldwide. With robotics and machine learning in the mix, the facility aims to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and ensure top-notch maintenance for the GTF fleet.

There are currently 15 active GTF MRO engine centers around the world, with seven locations in the Asia Pacific region including ESA in Singapore, Korean Airlines in Korea, IHI and MHIAEL in Japan, MTU Maintenance Zhuhai and AMECO in China, and China Airlines in Taiwan. By 2025, the company expects to have 19 active GTF MRO shops worldwide.

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