Ever wondered how well you know the financial ins and outs of other fields or professions? Some salary ranges may surprise us, as they are financial statistics we probably don’t focus on all that much. We pay attention to our own salaries, of course, but the salaries of those around us might be a mystery.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge and see how “on the money” you are with your estimations! Your current profession may even pop up in the questions, and you may realize you’re due for a little raise.

Know Salary Ranges for Jobs

Knowing respective salary ranges for jobs outside of our own work bubbles isn’t crucial for our day-to-day life, but being curious about them could be both informative and fun for our futures. Maybe we’re interested in changing up our career path and want to see what salary range we should aim for when interviewing. After all, with inflation piling on and cost of living increasing, it may intrigue us to see some fresh statistics on what registered nurses currently make or how engineers are faring.

While undoubtedly the obvious cornerstones for employment, salaries don’t define our careers. Ideally, we are most motivated by our jobs through enjoyment for what we do. Whether we’re doctors, estheticians or teachers, any job we’ve studied and invested in learning should have a rewarding impact on our life.

Using our brains and bodies to accomplish meaningful work, particularly if it brings us joy, is a driver for a healthy work-life balance. And yet, our salaries are still a crucial part of our jobs and can make an intricate or fast paced career all the more worth grinding for. Knowing that we’re being paid commensurately with our abilities gives us peace of mind within our working environments.


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