In honor of Women’s History Month, the ClearanceJobs Content Team tests our knowledge on women in national security. This the second installment of our Game Show and is all about the glass-breaking ladies of national security.

Listen in as host Katie Helbling tests Phoebe Wells’ knowledge on this important topic.

Spoiler alert: she fails miserably! Don’t miss this hilarious and informative episode.

1. When did women first serve in the Army? Women have been part of the U.S. Army since 1775. During the 18th century, American women cared for the injured, repaired clothing, and prepared meals for male soldiers.

2. What webinar did we do recently on one of the most amazing woman who supported bother the CIA and FBI? Tracy Walder.

3. Who was the only US civilian woman during World War II to receive the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism and who was called one of the OSS’ best agents? Virginia Hall worked with the OSS and her sabotage against the Germans dismantled bridges and killed enemy communications. She also organized three Free French battalions, handed out radios and weapons, helped downed airmen and supported the French Resistance movement on highly dangerous missions.

4. Which two women first served in the US coast guard? In 1918, Genevieve and Lucille Baker, twins, were among the initial women to join the Coast Guard.

5. Who was secretary during World War II to MG William E. Donovan, chief of OSS? Eloise Randolph Page! Upon the establishment of the CIA, she transitioned into the agency, dedicating her career to espionage and intelligence. Between 1975 and 1987, she held various significant roles within the CIA, including being the highest-ranking female officer, the first female super grade, the agency’s initial female chief of station, a terrorism specialist, and the first woman to lead a prominent intelligence community committee.

6. When were women allowed to attend the various service academies? Women were barred from attending the four service academies until 1976.

7. What woman become the first commander of an Air National Guard Wing? In 2004, Col. Linda McTague made history as the first woman to lead an Air National Guard wing and command an Air Force fighter squadron.

8. What are some of ClearanceJobs favorite women groups in national security: Iron Butterfly Media, NatSecGirlSquad, Hacker in Heels, the Command Purpose Foundation.

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