An intriguing line-up of accomplished industry security professionals and government officials are making time to invest in defense industry & government security professionals later this month in Chantilly, Va.

An impressive lineup of accomplished security leaders from industry and government will be on hand to share their experience, knowledge, insights, and practical advice at NSI IMPACT ’24 on Apr 29 – May 1 in Chantilly, Va. The diverse set of speakers at this unique event supports IMPACT’s holistic, interdisciplinary approach to training & development of industrial and government security professionals.

The agenda addresses the 4 core capabilities today’s security professional must have to become invaluable to their employer and more personally satisfied with their day-to-day work experience.

1. Security Threats

Every person in a security role needs to keep up with rapidly evolving security threats. Acquiring this knowledge makes them more credible and more persuasive with stakeholders. It also boosts job satisfaction to see how much their work matters and what’s at stake. This year’s program features a keynote address from Senator Mark Warner, as well as leaders from industry and top officials from DoD, NSA, FBI discussing such topics as AI threats, U.S. counterintelligence, methods of approach spies use with industry and more, including a Q&A with insider threat guru Douglas Thomas, formerly with Lockheed Martin.


Compliance is foundational to an effective security program which makes it critical to get an early look at DCSA plans, updates and points of emphasis for 2024. The DCSA leaders who come to IMPACT want industry to succeed because, although they have an oversight function, their goal is closely aligned with industry – safeguard the defense industrial base in a way that ensures mission readiness, business productivity and U.S. competitive advantage. This year’s program features an address from the new DCSA Director, David Cattler, as well as others on NBIS, Trusted Workforce, inspections, insider threats, industrial security program and more. Industry leaders also offer their insights as part of a panel on how to understand and leverage the gray areas of NISPOM compliance.

3. Security Program Efficiency

The best kind of advice is almost always the practical, how-to kind from an accomplished colleague who understands your day-to-day realities. Nowhere is this more important than when it comes to running a security program that not only has to satisfy government oversight, it has to satisfy business concerns, a.k.a. return on investment. Experienced and accomplished practitioners come to IMPACT to share lessons learned, concrete recommendations, and pragmatic advice on how to get things done efficiently as well how to talk about contributions in a way business leaders will appreciate. This year’s program features a session with Cathe Kaohi that supports FSOs from smaller companies, as well as sessions on how to optimize training programs, get started with security metrics, deal with clearance issues, and more.

4. Stakeholder Engagement

If there’s one skill that ties the others together and makes the difference between good and great, it’s this one. As the lynchpin between commercial interests, productivity and compliance, today’s security professional must steadily improve in their ability to understand stakeholders so they can advocate, persuade and advise from a position of trust and credibility. Nearly every session at IMPACT involves candid, specific advice on how to effectively engage with your stakeholders because experienced leaders know how much security depends on collaboration and cooperation – in other words people. This year’s program features and address by Peraton CEO, Stu Shea, on how security earns trust from business leaders, James Kennedy, Boeing, on how to create a security culture everyone will embrace, and Curtis Chappell, Thales, on how to create a healthy relationship between security and IT. There are also sessions on solving practical compliance problems with employees and healthy relationship with inspectors.


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