Since COVID-19 made its debut back in 2020 – which somehow feels like both a couple of short years ago and an eternity all at once – millions of Americans transitioned suddenly from a lifestyle of commuting to work to one of a makeshift home office setups.

If you are an employee who currently commutes to the office, test your knowledge to see how closely you align with the expectations of a company that permits remote employees. On the other hand, maybe you are already remote and want to pick up a few tips to improve your routines and best redeem your time!

Remote Life Benefits

Many companies and employees have collectively decided that working remotely isn’t all that bad. All the initial adjustments that employees companywide had to adapt to upfront now feel cemented in our professional day-to-day lives. Over time, many companies and employees have apparently agreed to a silent, symbiotic relationship of sorts regarding remote work. Companies are saving money by not having to rent or own office spaces, and employees are granted the gift of not having to use their cars, gas, and time commuting into work. For countless companies and their respective employees to this day, remote work has morphed into a seeming revelation.

Challenges of Being at Home

Despite these newfound pluses, the reality of remote work is still challenging for many. Particularly, individuals struggle with how to use their time best or collaborate with others. Some may doubt how their performance levels are being assessed with minimal to no in-person time with supervisors or managers. Managers on the other hand can feel as though they have lost control of how work time is being utilized by the team they oversee. And of course, when it comes to handling classified information, that can’t be done at home. The remote life isn’t the best life for everyone.

Working through the best way to navigate these issues has been a collaborative effort, with no one knowing the exact right way to solve these problems. While there’s oftentimes no one right answer to how to approach these issues, most companies are now resolute in their expectations for their employees. Having a clear understanding regarding these expectations is a key way to set yourself up for success – you never know if you’ll suddenly be asked to transition to a remote job!


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