Thanks in large part to the Internet, many workers are able to work remotely part or full time. Of course, there are caveats to that statement. For example, if you work for the government and require a clearance, it may be harder to work from home than it is for others. However, even many cleared workers today can log into their company’s VPN and gain access to unclassified corporate resources from the comfort of their home. Working from home provides flexibility for employees, especially for those who have young children at home to care for. To make working from home the best experience possible, it is necessary to have some home office essentials that will help with productivity and comfort while working. The following list will highlight the items that every home office should have.

A Comfortable Office Chair

Every home office should have a comfortable and ergonomic office chair. Some workers are required to sit at a desk working on a laptop or desktop computer for eight hours or more. The lack of a comfortable and ergonomic chair can wreak havoc on the back and kill productivity. Thankfully, there are many options for office chairs. In this department you get what you pay for. Do not focus on the cheapest option: You will be sitting in this chair for long periods of time, so, make sure it is the right fit for you. OfficeMax, Staples and other office stores will have what you need. Once you have tried them out in person, you can compare prices on Amazon. My favorite option is the Serta Tranquility Executive Office Chair.

A Dedicated Desk

When working from home, the need for a dedicated workspace is very important. Some occasional work-from-home-workers resort to working from the dining room or kitchen table. Working from a space that is not dedicated for work can make both work and home life miserable. Options for a dedicated desk are nearly endless and can suit any style of home decor. Additionally, whether you like to stand up or prefer to sit, having a dedicated workspace will increase productivity.  For those who prefer to stand up, nothing beats the VARIDESK.  Since there are far too many options to choose from for a standard desk, do research and find a desk that suits your space, needs and budget.

Good Lighting

Good lighting is important when working from home because it can help reduce eye strain. Although there are many lamps to choose from, focus more on the amount of light the bulb puts out than the design of the lamp. A good desk lamp will have LED bulbs, no color distortion, and a dimmable option. An affordable option, however not very stylish, is the Yantop LED Desk Lamp built with eye-caring technology.

Laptop Charging Dock

Using a desktop PC is a dying art. Most of us work from laptops, which give us the ability to work at home or on the go.  Whether you are a Mac user or PC, there are options that provide a station to dock your laptop to.  A laptop dock is a central location for the laptop which includes connections to secondary monitors, peripherals, such as keyboards, and will also act as a charging dock for the laptop while you work. As a Mac user, I prefer the Vertical Dock for MacBook Pro by Henge Docks.  It is sleek and it docks your MacBook vertically which frees up workspace on your desk. If you are a PC user, finding the right dock depends on the laptop you own.  Some laptops, such as Lenovo’s, come with dock inputs on the bottom of the laptop where you can simply click it onto the dock on your desk. One option for HP users is the Ultra Slim docking station, while Dell users will like the Dell E-Port Plus port replicator.

All-in-One Printer

A printer is an essential for any home office, and the best choice is an all-in-one printer. The ability to fax, scan, copy and print is a major plus for the home office.  Purchasing an all-in-one printer keeps you from having to buy a separate scanner and fax machine.  There are many options for all-in-one printers on the market, however the HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 is a solid choice as it provides wireless printing and mobile printing.

Other Essentials

There are many other essentials that every work office should have, such as writing implements, personal items, calendars, ink blotters, tissues and printer paper. The purchase of these items, and many others are dependent solely upon personal preference. By including the list of essentials above, and adding elements of your own personal taste, you can build out a professional workspace in your home that will allow for productivity and comfort.

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