Encountering a horrible office environment will happen to most of us at least once throughout our professional careers. No one chooses to come into a toxic environment. Most are not in a position to immediately leave. If you find yourself in a horrible office, there are many ways of coping until you find another position.

1. Realize that your current situation will not last forever.

Eventually you will be able to remove yourself from that environment. This way of thinking allows you to maintain a positive outlook and not dwell on your negative experiences. Remember, a horrible atmosphere is not a reflection of you or your work.

2. Having a network of supportive friends.

Friends are crucial when dealing with an unhealthy work atmosphere. This provides you with a group of trusted people to air your work-related frustrations with. Venting to your friends will help you to feel less isolated in your professional struggles. Save your office venting for friends who aren’t coworkers.

3. Find a way to balance your work and home life.

Constantly focusing on work is a sure-fire way to burn yourself out, especially in a horrible office environment. Leave work at the office and focus on your life and personal goals.

Being in a horrible office environment is difficult. But don’t let it to diminish your integrity or work ethic. Always keep in mind that even a negative experience can be a learning opportunity.

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