Navigating the military transition and deciding what is next for your career trajectory is not a simple answer – it requires asking and answering insightful questions for yourself and your family about what kind of work / life balance you prefer, if location is imperative, salaries needed to live comfortably, and what you actually enjoy doing.

Sometimes working in a security clearance career is a prospect. And sometimes being your own boss as an entrepreneur is the best decision you can make.

Dean Wegner, who attended West Point and served in the U.S. Army as a Captain – Helicopter Pilot and Army Ranger – joins the podcast to talk about how he married two missions very important to him after service: creating jobs in the U.S. and being his own boss.

Authentically American is a Nashville-based apparel company that prides itself on producing high-quality, American-made clothing. Founded in 2017 by Wegner, the company was established with the mission of revitalizing American manufacturing and creating jobs within the United States. Unlike many contemporary apparel brands that outsource their production to countries with lower labor costs, Authentically American emphasizes domestic production, ensuring that every product is 100% made in the USA.

The company’s product line includes a wide range of clothing items such as T-shirts, polos, outerwear, and accessories, all designed to embody a sense of patriotism and quality craftsmanship. Authentically American’s commitment to American manufacturing extends beyond just production; they also focus on sourcing their materials domestically whenever possible. This dedication not only supports local economies but also ensures a higher standard of quality control throughout the production process.

Authentically American is known for its strong sense of corporate responsibility and community involvement. The company actively supports various veteran and first responder organizations, aligning with its founder’s military background. By purchasing from Authentically American, customers are not only getting top-notch apparel but are also contributing to a greater cause—supporting American workers, veterans, and the broader community. This blend of patriotic values, quality products, and ethical practices makes Authentically American a standout in the crowded apparel market.

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