Are you using all the different capabilities of as a job seeker? Survey says likely not. Tune in to this podcast where we give you the nuts and bolts of navigating the site.

1. What is the first step you need to take to create a profile on ClearanceJobs?

The first step is to visit the ClearanceJobs website and click on the “Sign Up” or “Create Profile” button to begin the registration process.

2. Which essential piece of information is required to verify your eligibility for ClearanceJobs?

You need to provide your security clearance information, as ClearanceJobs is specifically for professionals with active or current U.S. government security clearances.

3. Why is it important to complete the “Skills” section of your ClearanceJobs profile?

Completing the “Skills” section helps recruiters match you with job opportunities that fit your expertise and increases your visibility in searches for specific skill sets.

4. How can you customize your job search on ClearanceJobs to find positions that match your criteria?

You can use the advanced search filters to specify job type, location, clearance level, and keywords to narrow down the job listings to those that best match your preferences. name one of the groups on our site – bonus points if you can name three.

5. What feature does ClearanceJobs offer to keep you updated with new job postings that fit your profile?

ClearanceJobs offers job alerts, which you can set up to receive notifications via email or on the platform when new jobs matching your criteria are posted.

6. How can you make your ClearanceJobs profile stand out to potential employers?

To make your profile stand out, ensure it is complete with detailed information about your work experience, education, skills, and any relevant certifications. Also, use a professional profile photo and write a compelling summary.

7. What is the purpose of the “Networking” feature on ClearanceJobs?

The “Networking” feature allows you to join industry-specific groups, and engage in discussions with recruiters through Broadcast Messages that can help you build your professional network.

8. What allows a candidate to raise their hand to show potential interest in a job, all with a simple click of a button?

The “Expressed Interest” feature.

9. How can you manage your privacy settings on ClearanceJobs?

You can manage your privacy settings by going to your account settings and adjusting the visibility of your profile, controlling who can see your information and contact you through the platform.

10. Why is it beneficial to regularly update your ClearanceJobs profile?

Regularly updating your profile ensures that your most recent skills and experiences are reflected, which can increase your chances of being noticed by recruiters and landing new job opportunities.

91% of employed cleared candidates are passively interested in new opportunities. That means recruiters are hungry for cleared qualified talent. You just have to be seen on

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