Starlab Space LLC has teamed up with Palantir Technologies to bring cutting-edge data management to their commercial space station venture. With partners like Voyager Space, Airbus, Mitsubishi Corporation, and MDA Space, Palantir’s AI-driven tech will streamline Starlab’s operations, from mission planning to system performance. This partnership aims to boost efficiency and resilience, ensuring the space station runs smoothly and effectively, while also predicting and preventing maintenance issues. This marks a big leap forward in making space missions more efficient and reliable.

Layoffs: Spirit Aerosystems

Nearly 300 employees at Spirit AeroSystems received layoff notices due to a recent slowdown in the delivery rate of commercial programs. The company announced that the affected employees will be paid through July 4th and will continue to receive benefits until July 31st. This move highlights the ongoing challenges in the aerospace industry as companies adjust to fluctuating demands in commercial aviation.

Hiring: CIA

The CIA is on the hunt for talent, currently offering 168 open positions and ramping up its recruitment efforts across social media platforms. They’re looking for a wide range of professionals, from cyber experts to engineers, and analysts. The agency wants to attract both fresh graduates and seasoned pros, and they have unique career opportunities in national security and intelligence. If you’re interested in a challenging and impactful career, now’s the time to check out what the CIA has to offer. For more details, visit the CIA Careers page.

Cleared Employer at Work: Booz Allen

At Booz Allen, you can deliver technology at the heart of critical defense missions. Work with us to accelerate warfighter solutions. Accelerate the future. Defend with us.

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Opportunity to Watch

CAE opens its first Gulfstream-focused business aviation training center in Savannah, GA, near Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. headquarters. This new facility will house up to four full-flight simulators, with the first already in operation and the second set to launch in July. The center will also offer cutting-edge virtual reality maintenance training programs for Gulfstream jets. This move marks CAE’s fifth business aviation training center in the U.S., reinforcing its commitment to training the next generation of pilots and technicians with advanced technology like CAE Rise™, which provides real-time metrics and analytics to enhance training effectiveness.

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