For those of us who didn’t grow up with parents in the military, it’s highly possible that to this day, we don’t know all that much about the makeup of the military’s various branches. The military is one of those topics that is oftentimes discussed at large with the assumption that everyone shares the same background knowledge. Even for those of us generally familiar with the military, there is an abundance of history and nuance beyond the surface that comprises these armed forces. From the Army to the Navy, to those in the Space Force, it’s an entire world of individuals who have devoted vast portions of their lives in service to the United States and the protection of its citizens. Honing in on one military branch at a time can help solidify our knowledge and pick apart the distinctions between all the different military sectors.

To take this a bit deeper, enjoy testing your scope of knowledge with this quiz on the incredible branch of the military, the U.S. Marines. You may already know more than you think you do, but you’re sure to learn something new regardless.

Marine-focused fast facts

  • The Marines (more formally titled The United States Marine Corps) are a highly specialized branch of the military, with only 17% of all Active Duty individuals across the entire U.S. military falling into this branch.
  • You can think of Marines as the “first responders” that rush to the scene in question, i.e. a U.S. Embassy or coastal area. They are the first to arrive at conflict zones or hotspots where natural disasters have occurred, whether on land or at sea.
  • Although Marines can respond to situations both on land and at sea (read: amphibious operations), they tend to be more focused on situations on shore, with the Navy heading up the seas.
  • Marines deploy extremely quickly, typically in more compact and independent unit sizes to expedite arrivals.
  • Women make up roughly 10% of the Marines in the U.S.
  • Marines have the opportunity to be awarded the title of “Honorary Marine,” although this is quite rare. Less than 100 Marines in the country have ever received such an honor.

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