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5 Military Hot Spots for 2018, and Why We’re Fighting There

David Brown / Dec 10, 2017

Hot spots around the world will keep the defense and intelligence communities engaged next year. Here are a few places they’ll be working.

How Role Players Prepare Soldiers, Spies, and Generals for War

David Brown / Oct 29, 2017

With Halloween around the corner, we take a look at role players: the professionals who put on costumes and create fictional worlds.

Defense Jobs for Mad Scientists

David Brown / Oct 24, 2017

The wars of tomorrow are being fought today, and defense contractors need scientists to help win them.

The Long Road to a U.S. Space Force

David Brown / Sep 26, 2017

The U.S. has flirted with the idea of a Space Force since the 1960s. Now it may actually happen.

What It Takes to Get a Job (According to Science)

David Brown / Sep 24, 2017

Science has a lot to say about getting a job. And, unfortunately, most of it is pretty depressing.