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Is the Security Clearance Process Fair?

David Brown / Mar 1, 2018

The president’s son-in-law lost his Top Secret clearance this week. If nothing else, it demonstrates that the system is working. Here is what it means for you.

What the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch Means For You

David Brown / Feb 11, 2018

The Falcon Heavy, now the most powerful rocket in the world, will affect the clearance industry in ways not seen since the dawn of the Internet.

Finding a Cleared Job in Virginia

David Brown / Jan 30, 2018

Who’s hiring, what are the cleared jobs, and what does the competition look like? This is everything you need to know to get a job in Virginia.

Iridium CEO on SpaceX, Reusable Rockets, and Building the Global Network of Tomorrow

David Brown / Jan 23, 2018

Iridium’s decision to use SpaceX for its next generation satellites cemented the era of reusable rockets and secure broadband anywhere on Earth.

2018 Brings Hope of Background Investigation Reform, Reduced Backlog

David Brown / Jan 3, 2018

The security clearance logjam saw little improvement this year, but there are glimmers of hope for 2018.