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7 Extreme Places Around the World Where You Can Actually Get a Job

David Brown / Apr 23, 2017

From frozen Antarctica to the blistering desert, there are extreme places with open positions. Here is where you can work.

13 Java Programming Skills Companies Want

David Brown / Apr 16, 2017

Everyone is hiring Java programmers, and if you are in the market, here are the skills they want.

What to Do If You Aced the Job Interview but They Haven’t Called

David Brown / Feb 27, 2017

After the job interview, take notes, apply elsewhere, and don’t be afraid to call.

Careers People Love – Say Happy Valentine’s Day To Your Career

David Brown / Feb 13, 2017

Job satisfaction surveys reveal the jobs you love most, just in time for Valentine’s Day

On the Road Again: CDL Drivers with Clearance Needed

David Brown / Jan 30, 2017

You might qualify for a commercial driver’s license if you drove trucks in the military. Your clearance makes the deal even sweeter.