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Trump Wants to Rebuild American Infrastructure. Here Are the Jobs to Expect

David Brown / May 22, 2017

Whether it’s analysis, security, or implementation, you might soon be part of the expanded job market that comes with a repaved America.

How to Fight Back Against Salary Stagnation

David Brown / May 16, 2017

When faced with a flat salary when you deserve more, here’s now to ask for a big raise.

Technical Writing: Jobs for Poets with a Clearance

David Brown / May 14, 2017

The field of technical writing means a lot more than grinding out dry documents. It is a dynamic career with history-making potential.

The Government Contractor Competition for STEM Talent

David Brown / Apr 30, 2017

It’s not enough to convince STEM talent to join your company. First you have to convince students to join STEM.

7 Extreme Places Around the World Where You Can Actually Get a Job

David Brown / Apr 23, 2017

From frozen Antarctica to the blistering desert, there are extreme places with open positions. Here is where you can work.

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