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Survey Indicates Federal Jobs Lack Appeal for Most College Students

Diana Rodriguez / May 2, 2014

Federal jobs aren’t the top choice for college students, and a paltry six percent list said they consider it an ideal career choice.

Understanding Limits is Key to Setting Healthy Workplace Boundaries

Diana Rodriguez / Dec 10, 2018

If you look at trends in workplace satisfaction and expectations in 2018, one of the leading topics is workplace boundaries. But what exactly does it mean to have healthy boundaries?

Gallup Poll Shows Flexibility is a Top Employee Perk

Diana Rodriguez / Dec 5, 2018

In the era of computers and a more permissive and inclusive workplace, the concept of flexibility has grown as companies and federal agencies seek to hire and retain talented workers and keep them happier and more productive.

Telework Changes Lowers Federal Worker Satisfaction

Diana Rodriguez / Nov 21, 2018

According to recent results of the recently released 2018 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, telework is highly valued by federal office workers, who, on average, telework one to two days a week.

4 Types of Toxic Office Workers

Diana Rodriguez / Nov 13, 2018

Rarely is it the work that exhausts and demoralizes, but the people and personalities, especially those who never learned to work well with others.