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How Important is Diversity in the Workplace?

Jack Butler / Aug 11, 2017

A Google memo calls out the company’s diversity efforts. Is a diverse workforce the goal of minority hiring efforts, or is it just a PR move?

Virtual Reality Jobs Going Mainstream

Jack Butler / Aug 1, 2017

How is virtual reality turning from novelty to business opportunity? And what does that mean for virtual reality jobs?

An Aviation Geek’s Ideal Summer Destination – Death Valley National Park

Jack Butler / Jul 2, 2017

For aviation geeks, Death Valley National Park offers a unique opportunity to see fighter jets in action.

Why Russian-American Relations Demand a Top Gun Remake

Jack Butler / Jun 21, 2017

Monday’s altercation over the Baltic Sea is a subtle reminder of how our sense of patriotism, security, and appetite for entertainment haven’t changed too much in the last thirty years.

The CIA’s X-Files: UFO’s, Flying Saucers and the Intelligence Community

Jack Butler / Jun 16, 2017

Of all responsibilities of the CIA, perhaps none creates a more notorious fanfare than the agency’s role in tracking and researching Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s).