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What’s a Threat Assessment?

John Davis / Dec 6, 2018

If your company wins a classified contract you should receive a Threat Assessment. This document is prepared for you so that you will understand who is out to get your product, device, weapon, or component.

4 Questions to Ask Before You Begin a Classified Project

John Davis / Nov 9, 2018

You have assembled your team, and now want to go to work on your classified project. Ask yourself these four questions before you begin.

Security Clearance Holder: Do You Know What You’re Protecting?

John Davis / Oct 30, 2018

Often clearance holders master one aspect of their requirements immediately. They ask the simple question: What exactly am I protecting?

What is a Vaughn Index in a Government FOIA Request?

John Davis / Oct 29, 2018

Clearance holders must know that the classifications which guard their documents are not ironclad. They can be challenged. So be right, and know where your classification authority originates from when you affix a classification.

The Classified Supply Chain Answers the Burning Question: How Did that Get There?

John Davis / Sep 10, 2018

Classified information and equipment does not magically appear; it has an origin. This puts security cleared workers in the difficult position of having to protect information before it even gets to them.