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The Classified Supply Chain Answers the Burning Question: How Did that Get There?

John Davis / Sep 10, 2018

Classified information and equipment does not magically appear; it has an origin. This puts security cleared workers in the difficult position of having to protect information before it even gets to them.  

How Artificial Intelligence Creates New Security Risk

John Davis / Aug 27, 2018

No matter where they are or how big their operating base, all cleared companies and contractors will be affected by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Oversight in a Cleared Facility Vets Out More than Security Breaches

John Davis / Aug 20, 2018

All the engines of investigation were geared up to catch a spy. Apparently, American documents had fallen into the hands of foreigners, and we were tasked to discover how that happened.

How to Report a Security Violation

John Davis / Jul 31, 2018

You’ve invested time and money building an insider threat training program – but do your employees know how to report information, and have you made it easy to do so?

How to Get Your Work Colleague to Shut Up (For the Sake of National Security)

John Davis / Jul 12, 2018

We’ve all asked ourselves how to tell our colleagues to keep their mouths shut, but must do so in ways appropriate to our audience.