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How to Answer ‘Why Are You Looking for a New Job?’

Marcelle Yeager / Dec 11, 2018

Among stressful interview questions, ‘why are you looking for a new job?’ ranks near the top. This can really throw you off, but if you’re prepared to answer it, you’ll do well.

How to Handle an Employment Gap

Marcelle Yeager / Nov 27, 2018

The idea of getting back to work when you’ve been out of the workforce is daunting. Representing your gaps in employment is another challenge entirely.

How to Answer “Tell Me about Yourself” in an Interview

Marcelle Yeager / Oct 27, 2018

If you only ace one question in your interview, make it this one. It’s bound to be the first when you walk through the door.

5 Easy Ways to Show Your Value to an Employer

Marcelle Yeager / Oct 23, 2018

When it comes to winning over a prospective employer, no one can do it for you. You have to sell yourself. Here are five ways to set yourself apart from the pack.

10 Things to Remove From Your Resume

Marcelle Yeager / Aug 21, 2018

Attention! There may be parts of your resume that you can immediately remove or change because they are either hurting you or taking up valuable space.