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4 Tweaks to Make Your Resume Stand Out 

Marcelle Yeager / Nov 27, 2017

You want your resume in top shape in order to get called in. Here are four ways to upgrade your resume and make it stand out.

How to Answer 5 Tricky Interview Questions

Marcelle Yeager / Oct 12, 2017

When you come in for an interview, they’ve already determined you meet the qualifications. In the interview, they want to know if you’re a good fit for the company and team.

Get Out Of Your Career Rut With Simple Steps to Make Change Happen

Marcelle Yeager / Sep 13, 2017

Change is not easy, but by chopping your goal into smaller chunks, planning, creating accountability, and celebrating small steps forward, you can make it happen.

Do Recruiters Actually Read Cover Letters?

Marcelle Yeager / Aug 28, 2017

If you neglect to write a letter for a job that doesn’t explicitly state “no cover letters please,” you’ve significantly lowered your chance of landing an interview.

How to Write a Resume for a Management Job

Marcelle Yeager / Aug 1, 2017

Don’t assume your military leadership easily translates to the civilian sector. Here’s how to write your resume to make it clear you’re ready for management.