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Listing Professional Competencies on Your Resume

Melissa Jordan / Apr 24, 2017

Also known as core competencies or key competencies, professional competencies are briefly worded labels that reflect a professional’s ability to achieve mission outcomes.

5 Things To Do While Waiting On Your Security Clearance Investigation

Melissa Jordan / Apr 17, 2017

OPM hasn’t posted many updates on their progress in reducing their backlog. With the average time in 2016 for a Top Secret investigation at 220 days, you might be looking at another six months before you hear from an investigator.

How to Find a Great Job – Four Questions to Ask About Workplace Culture

Melissa Jordan / Apr 3, 2017

Every office has its own workplace culture. Whether you’re trying to find a job or acclimate to a new one, it’s worth understanding the attributes that make up a great workplace.

Four Ways to Make your Writing More Clear

Melissa Jordan / Mar 20, 2017

The next time you’ve the urge to wax loquacious to dazzle your audience with your expertise, consider that US government employees must write plainly – it’s the law.

Reverse Culture Shock – How to Deal with Returning Home from Overseas

Melissa Jordan / Mar 13, 2017

Returning back to the United States after a season abroad isn’t always a joyful homecoming. Consider these tips for make returning from overseas a smoother transition.