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Four Ways to Make your Writing More Clear

Melissa Jordan / Mar 20, 2017

The next time you’ve the urge to wax loquacious to dazzle your audience with your expertise, consider that US government employees must write plainly – it’s the law.

Reverse Culture Shock – How to Deal with Returning Home from Overseas

Melissa Jordan / Mar 13, 2017

Returning back to the United States after a season abroad isn’t always a joyful homecoming. Consider these tips for make returning from overseas a smoother transition.

Security Clearance Investigations – How Bad Is It, Still?

Melissa Jordan / Mar 7, 2017

You know the feeling. You wait patiently to hear from the OPM security investigator. Since last August, I’d been on the lookout for the little card that announces “I’m a U.S. Security Investigator -please contact me.” When it arrived on my doorstep last week, I immediately contacted the investigator, eager not to be part of […]

5 Strategies for Improving a Dysfunctional Office

Melissa Jordan / Feb 28, 2017

How well do you collaborate with your teammates? Your dysfunctional processes could be creating a dysfunctional workplace.

4 Things to Know About NATO

Melissa Jordan / Feb 21, 2017

One who has worked in NATO – or simply read the NATO Handbook – might make the following observations about NATO’s culture in comparison to most US defense cultures.